Reds Review: Undisputed by Aaron L Speer

Undisputed (The Undisputed Series, Book 1)

by Aaron L Speer



Undisputed (The Undisputed Series, #1)Undisputed by Aaron L. Speer

Reds Review: Amazing.
Really. Amazing was the first word that came to mind when I finished reading this story. I was amazed because I was not expecting the story between Tegan and Gaz to travel down the road it did. Even when the author revealed the plot I still didn’t think he would stay there. The little bits of real life humor mixed with real world problems made this story easy to read. The flow and the characters made sense. The main characters held center stage. No unnecessary extras to distract or confuse the readers.

Oh and the sex between these two made it even harder to put the book down. This was my first book by Aaron Speer. I am looking forward to reading more in this series.

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Owen Gasnier is a gentleman even inside the Cage. As much of a gentleman as one can be having an undisputed record with every win by a knockout. People LOVE him.

Overworked barista Tegan Holland doesn’t know he exists. Not until ten minutes before her friend Fiona drags her to the biggest cage fight Sydney has ever seen.

By the time he heads back to his training camp in the States, she’ll never forget him. But should she let him forget her? He’s chasing his dream. He doesn’t have time for her. Does he?

For Owen, the hits just keep coming. Trash talking opponents, sensationalist media, and someone’s out to ruin him for good. He can’t put Tegan in the middle of it. Can he?

Soon, will any of it matter? Cause life has other plans, and NOTHING hits harder than life.

This is Aaron Speer’s FIRST Contemporary Romance.

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