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Every story has a beginning, and an end.
This is my conclusion.

All of my secrets have been exposed, but my marriage to Jenna still lay in tatters.
Heartbroken, and on a path of self-destruction, I will fall, but will Jenna or Chad come to rescue?
Will destiny reassert itself, or will forbidden love prevail?
Or does fate have a surprise in store for all of us?

This is based on real-life events
and is the revised edition of the book released in 2017.


Witnessing my best friends fall in love has been wonderful. I never thought about it until now. Crystal and April have found their happily ever after, but what about mine? I’ve dated my fair share of men, but none of them were love material. I work hard and play just as hard, but I want more after seeing love unfold right before my eyes.

Two men come into my life and shatter my world. One man is a beast who wants to push my boundaries and my body to new heights. The other wants to show me the love that I’ve been craving. How can I choose when they share my heart?

Warning! This book may cause triggers.


The acclaimed A VAMPYRE ROMANCE series is now available in one combined book.

For over three hundred years, Sebastián Fernández has meandered through his immortal life.
Bored, he wanders into an antique store and meets its proprietor. Her name is Adriel Zilkha.
Sebastián is immediately drawn to her but doesn’t know why.
Adriel is no ordinary human female and embodies gifts she tries to hide for which she has no explanation for.
Upon discovering her true nature, Sebastián knows Vampyre law demands he inform the Council-the price for treachery is to die by sunlight.
Loathe to sentence the beautiful and mysterious Adriel to almost certain death, he calls on his old friend and sire, Sienna, for assistance.
Could Adriel be who the immortal world has been searching for and what price will Sebastián pay for betraying his own kind?

Book One: The One
Book Two: Dangerous Game
Book Three: The Quest
Book Four: True Love Never Dies



Yeah, you heard me right. That’s my next job—protecting a mummy.

It wouldn’t be a problem, except someone doesn’t want this particular mummy to make it to the museum.

Not to mention one of my teammates thinks this particular mummy is cursed.

On top of this ridiculous job, I’ve also met the most gorgeous woman in the world.

Except, she’s anti-gun, anti-meat, anti-everything that makes me who I am. And she’s from California.

I really f*@king hate California.

And she’s a screenwriter with absolutely zero experience, writing a story with a ton of action.

No, cars do not just explode while driving down the road. And contrary to popular opinion, it really is hard to shoot out tires from a moving vehicle, especially when you’re firing into the wind.

But the worst part is how excited everyone at OPS is to help her. Fox, New Guy…even Brock has decided to take up a career in acting.

I would walk away, but despite the fact that she’s from California, I find myself needing to be with her. She’s more than she seems, and I’m determined to find out every last detail before she gets blown up trying to learn about explosives.

I just have to keep IRIS away from her.

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