What is Double Trouble Book Club?

We are a Facebook based book club.

Our basic rules:
1) — Readers only sign up for the books they choose to read and are required to purchase the books, no arcs. KU may be used. Readers are required to leave reviews, for our blogs, for each book or they will not be invited to the ‘Double Trouble Book Club Author Q&A’ where you are the star. See more details below.

2)— (NEW) This form will also be used to nominate books each month and will be voted on by the readers in Double Trouble Book Club Reader Group. Once a book has been selected we will contact the author via Facebook messenger. If one of your fans recommended us, please be sure to put their name in the designated area.

3)— There is no guarantee how many readers will sign up for each event. We always try for a large sign up but have found the smaller numbers have been intimate and some of the best to date. By scheduling a Q&A, no matter the number of participants, from 1 or 50+ readers, the author agrees to attend and interact during their Q&A. The author, not their PA. The Q&A’s will take place during the last week of each month.
Giveaways are not expected but are allowed during your event.

Due to time zones and reader availability, we request the author check back in to the event to follow up with readers who were not able to attend live. Gloria and/or Donna will make every effort to read your book but there may be times we are not available to do so. We will still be attending the Q&A in a moderator/admin capacity in these situations.

Because supporting authors is our mission, each month, we will share the nominated books during Teaser Tuesday’s on our pages; Double Trouble Book Club, Naughty Book Friends, The Redhead’s Romance Readers.

What’s the incentive for the readers and what is a Double Trouble Book Club Author Q&A?

The Q&A is an exclusive members only private event for readers who have purchased, read and reviewed your book. Those readers will provide questions in advance, relating to the book and the author. You will be be able to answer without worrying about spoilers. The readers love the interaction and personal experience they receive and we think you will too.

If you have any questions please message our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DoubleTroubleBookClub

Check out our Facebook page reviews to see what readers and authors have said about their experiences.


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