Wanderlust Vegas 2018

Have you ever attended an author signing? I have been to 4 this year. Naughty in San Diego, RT (sadly this was the very last one), San Francisco Golden Gate Event & now Wanderlust Vegas. Each and ever one has been amazing.

I’m exhausted but it was all worth it.

If you have the chance to go to an event do it. So much fun to meet other readers and put faces and voices to the authors that you love. A good majority of the authors attending the events I’ve been to are not authors I have read before. That’s ok, you get to meet them, talk about their books and make new friends.

Every author has goodies for you. Bookmarks, squishy toys, buttons, keychains, the list is endless. For me the goodies go into my large swag box and I do giveaways in my Facebook groups. I also share with some blogger friends.

The authors are so generous. When they hear I’m a blogger they offer me more goodies for my reader groups. I’m coming home from this one with about 10 pounds of goodies.

It’s officially been 1years since I started my blogging adventure. I have plans to celebrate in December. Be sure to follow The Redheads Romance Readers Book Blog to see what I have in store for the big party.



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