Red’s Author Chit Chat with Joz Maxel

My Absolution by Joz Maxel
Have you ever loved a woman with your heart and soul, just to watch her slip away?
I had her.
I broke her.
I left a piece of me behind.
My best friend put her back together.
Cherished her.
Loved her the way she deserved.
My time for absolution has come.
And I’ll stop at nothing until I get it.
Now I’ll have to fight my way back to what I left behind.

Red’s Author Chit Chat with Marci Belle

Hi Marci, I am so happy to have to with us today. I was one of the lucky ones to read your debut Delicious and I fell in love instantly. Food, cooking and sex! Yes please. I just finished Earth and Desire, your latest book. Amazing! Let’s get to this interview. I can’t wait to …

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