Support The Redhead’s Book Blog

When I started my book blog on Facebook in Dec 2017, I never imagined I would dive in this deep. It is my hobby and a way too meet like minded people. It has become so much more. In June 2018 I added this weblog to my list of Redhead social media platforms.

I participate in the Amazon Affiliate program as a way to offset some of my blog expenses but that is proving to be a very slow process. I am not giving up on it though. 

Currently, I do NOT charge any fees for advertising or to be included on my blog. After a recent conversation with a few indie authors, I was encouraged to add a PayPal link to accept donations. If you like what I am doing and want to make a donation to support my blogging efforts it would be greatly appreciate. My hubby appreciates it even more. He is my biggest supporter all the way around. 

Anyhow, here is my PayPal link 

I love what I am doing. I just added a review team. I am constantly looking for new ways to increase the interactions here and in my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram locations. My desire to be bigger and better will not change the amount of heart I put into this blog everyday. I will continue to post, share and advertise on the way I do now. Just maybe with a little bit of help I can do even more.

Thanks for supporting me and choosing to be a part of my blog. You have now idea how much you are appreciate!

~Red xoxo