Reds Review: Where My Heart Lies by Luna Lopez

🌸’Where My Heart Lies’ by Luna Lopez🌸
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Book Title: Where My Heart Lies
Author: Luna Lopez
Genre/s: Romance, Lesbian, Suspense
Release Date: 4/27/2019
Available on Kindle Unlimited
eBook & Paperback
Special price 99p/99c

Reds Review:

I’ve had the honor of following Luna Lopez from the beginning. Starting with her debut novella, First Kiss. Her debut was just a taste of the spectacular writing she has unleashed with her new full length novel, Where My Heart Lies.

Blogging has given me the opportunity to step outside of my self-imposed reading boundaries. Luna’s stories of lesbian relationships have introduced me to a romance genre I would never have searched out on my own. I, like a lot of readers, get into a comfortable reading zone and stick with it. The tried and true theory. I am glad I took the chance to step out of my reading comfort zone by reading Ms. Lopez’s books.

This was the third book I’ve read by Luna Lopez. Where My Heart Lies grabbed my attention immediately in the first chapter while Willow is travelling home to see her family. The base she sets in the first chapter leads perfectly into the story keeping you interested as the story unfolds.

The central character of Where My Heart Lies, Willow, has a lot going on. In the first chapter you will learn many details about Willow and her family which made it hard to put my kindle down. I was invested in all of them quickly and needed to know more. Especially about Willow’s mom.


Without a doubt Willow’s mom, Valerie was a side character deserving of her own sassy story. Their mother, daughter relationship isn’t always great, but it’s always worth a good chuckle.

The humor riddled throughout the story caused me to laugh out loud many times. I feel it is only right to warn you. Don’t sip on any drinks while reading unless your E-reader is waterproof. Just don’t if its paperback.

When originally picking up this book,  I had a preconceived notion as to how this story would go. Girl meets Girl and they have a relationship. Some sort of spat in the middle, they make up, and then move on. It’s a romance so that’s how romance’s are written right?

Well part of it was right until Ms. Lopez threw in a twist which knocked me on my butt. A twist that had me in tears multiple times. Luna Lopez drew emotions from me while reading this story keeping me on my toes and a stack of tissues nearby.

Without giving anything away I will say, I left this story with a pit in my stomach I never expected.

For me, a sign of a great book is when the author has run my emotions through a wringer. The kind where you turn the last page, give a huge sigh because now your head and heart get a rest from the wild ride it was just on.

However you find you want to get back in line waiting for the authors next release so can jump on that emotional rollercoaster again.

Very well written. Entertaining Story. Great characters.



🌸’Where My Heart Lies’ by Luna Lopez🌸
➡️ Pre-order http://mybook.to/LLheartlies

Willow Olivia Walker is a newly single Cambridge University student heading home for the summer holidays, following a bitter split with her controlling and manipulative ex-girlfriend, Kristina.
Initially dismayed to discover her eccentric parents have hired the beautiful Georgia as a live-in nanny for her two younger sisters, she treads carefully, but slowly, a friendship blossoms that has the potential to bloom into something special.
Discovered in flagrante by her over-bearing mother, Willow packs her bags and returns to Cambridge, intent on spending the remainder of the summer months preparing for the academic year ahead.
A chance encounter between Willow and barely separated university professor, Francesca Marten, is the start of a friendship that extends beyond the confines of student and teacher.
In Francesca, Willow finds a lover who knows what she wants, but for Francesca, Willow is the epitome of the young, carefree girl she left behind twenty years before.
As Willow and Francesca’s friendship blossoms, danger lurks around the corner, as somebody is watching their every move, intent on revenge for what they perceive as the ultimate betrayal.
Together, Willow, Francesca, and a host of others dig deeper to find the tormenter threatening to derail their future paths.

➡️ Pre-order http://mybook.to/LLheartlies

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Luna’s Debut book below with Reds Review


First Kiss: A Lesbian Short StoryFirst Kiss: A Lesbian Short Story by Luna Lopez

Have you ever started reading a book just knowing in your heart how the story will end?
Well, you might not get the outcome you expected when reading First Kiss. I know I didn’t.

Luna Lopez has written a sweet short story that touched my heart and made me think about love.

First Kiss is a story of two women but let’s back up. It’s a story of two people. Two people who have been friends for a long time and now see their friendship could be more. That’s a pretty risky thing to do regardless of their gender.

What happens if taking that first kiss ruins everything they have?
What if it ends the special connection which has grown over the years?
What if that first kiss makes everything better?
Does the fact these two people are women create other complications?

Will there be acceptance or rejection? First they must accept or reject the idea of more than friends themselves. How will their decision be accepted or rejected by family and friends?

Is the risk of losing it all worth taking a chance on love?

These were the questions and thoughts running through my mind while reading and even after I closed the book. I thought about how Ms. Lopez told this story and all of the ways it could have ended. I looked inside myself and tried to see all sides of this story. Like I said at the start, it touched my heart.

No spoilers in my review. You will have to read it yourself to find out more.

I am looking forward to reading Ms. Lopez’s debut novel, Where the Heart Lies.

Image may contain: 2 people, text

FIRST KISS By Luna Lopez
Only 99p/99c

Available on ebook & paperback

Kara and Yasmeen have been best friends since high school.
Now in their early twenties, they’re as radically different to one another in personality as they’ve always been.
Both have overcome the loss of their respective mothers, in albeit different circumstances which helped cement the bond between them.
Kara is a working class, out and proud lesbian, while Yasmeen is a spoiled, yet dutiful middle class Muslim on the verge of an arranged marriage.
Realizing Kara is the girl for her, Yasmeen is hell bent on living the life she wants, even if that means going against her fathers wishes.
Kara doesn’t need a declaration of love and is happy to remain on the sidelines, but Yasmeen will do whatever it takes to be with the one she loves.

Book Cover

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