Reds Review: Chasing Ordinary by Pandora Spocks

Chasing Ordinary by Pandora Spocks

Reds Review:

Do you have an inner Princess? Have you always dreamed of finding your Prince Charming? Well I do have a inner princess, and I have dreamed of a prince charming, so this book is awesome for me!

I love this fairy tale with a bit of sexiness on the side. Ok more than a bit of sexiness, thats what makes me love it even more!

When Petey (which is such a great name for an independent girl) leaves the Montana countryside to see here best friend in New York she is a little out of place. Her sculptures of welded metal and glass and up for sale. She needs to dress up and get to the gallery to meet everyone. Only problem is something and someone has changed the direct route to her opening.
The minute Nik meets Petey his world becomes brighter.
Petey now has an attentive, gorgeous, wealthy man who treats her like a princess who wants her. She doesn’t know he is a Prince and that if things go further she really could be a princess. What they both want is to just be ordinary people. Nik because he never has been ordinary and Petey because she has always been ordinary.


Red-haired Petey Cavanaugh is a sculptor who welds steel and glass creations. A young widow, she lives on her in-laws’ sheep ranch in Montana where she helps out during the day, working on her art at night. 

Looking to raise money to expand the ranch’s business, she gratefully accepts her art school roommate’s offer of a gallery show in Manhattan. It’s been years since she was in the city, and she’s happy to visit her old friend. 

Nik is in New York on business. He’s been traveling for nearly a month, enduring endless meetings, attending obligatory dinners, and battling jet-lag. On his way to yet another business dinner, his world collides with Petey’s one rainy Manhattan night. 

Their mutual attraction is immediate, but Nik’s skeptical. Could it possibly be that this gorgeous, enchanting artist has no idea that he’s Europe’s most eligible prince? 

Spending time with Petey is Nik’s first-ever taste of ordinary. What will happen when she finds out the truth? 

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