Reds Review: Ashes to Ashes by Zane Michaelson

Ashes to Ashes: Selling my Soul - Part ThreeAshes to Ashes: Selling my Soul – Part Three by Zane Michaelson

Where to start? This is book three of an intense well written dark story, I am assuming designed to make me want to be friends with Tyson and Kyle then rip my heart out because this is exactly what happened. The how’s and why’s are for you to find out for yourself.

I’ve already left my review for Pimped Out/book 1 and In Too Deep/book 2, but I mention them because of the progression Mr. Michaelson was able to build suspense page by page, book by book.

When I reached for Ashes to Ashes I was already in a stunned, heartbroken state after the ending to In Too Deep, steeling myself for more hurt. Reading Ashes to Ashes brought on my tears immediately as I could see there was no way for this story to end with the clouds parting and the sun shining on a new day.

I found myself getting angry and wanting to stop reading, thinking maybe if I picked up my Kindle later the outcome would change. Maybe…

This isn’t a HEA romance, but the love is there in between the pages. It’s the love and loss of it for different people and at different times that causes my heart to break. And it’s not just for the characters you may think.

Read for yourself and see if you can find all of the places and times my heart broke while looking for your own heart stopping moments.

An amazing series which shows the diversity in the writing of Zane Michaelson.

‘Selling my Soul: Part Three – Ashes to Ashes’
by Zane Michaelson

☞Buy Link – https://geni.us/tBq2BW3

A sickening death shatters Tyson Reece’s heart into a million pieces, sending him spiralling further into addiction and reliance on Kieran Wayland.
DI Zara Mulaney realises she has lost control and is terrified Tyson will die, either at the hands of Wayland or the drugs he craves to get him through the day.
Worrying about Tyson isn’t the only matter Mulaney must contend with–her boss, Giovanni Mallea, now knows she is working against him.
Terrified she knows enough to send him to jail for life, he carefully weighs up his options.
Is there anything that could lead back to him, Wayland, or worse still, Lena Aarden?
The final pieces of the puzzle are moving into place, but with more surprises to come, who will live to tell the tale?


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