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I had an epiphany today while I was writing a review. It’s for a debut book which was rough. The errors I recognized would have been caught by a good editor. I was tempted to not review at all. In fact, I debated it for several days. It’s not that I wanted to hide my review. Writing a below average review takes guts. I made up my mind I was not going to write a review because I was being a chicken.

Then it dawned on me. This author wasn’t chicken. He published his story for the world to judge. Searching for the words for why I believe this book warrants the below average star rating takes time. Just like it took time for this author to put his words into a book.

Writing a book and putting it out for the world to judge is hard. It’s like opening up your heart and saying ‘Do you still like me now that you’ve seen all of me’. An author’s risk is much bigger than mine will be by writing a review. After all, rarely is a review critique as harshly.

Even though I hate the star ratings we are bound to it if we review in places like Amazon. In my mind every book starts with 5 stars. It can remain a 5 star or be reduced based upon my opinion. Wow, that’s so much power. Way more than it should have. I think this is why I struggled today. It’s time to woman up and write my opinion.
Starting with words of emotion is the way I try to start my review brainstorming. The emotions an author draws from me as the reader. I thought about the way this story made me feel. While reading I felt happy, sad, angry, aroused, and content. In my opinion those emotions are worth a star.

Next I thought about the story this author told me. I love a good HEA and this one had cowboys. I love a good ol’ country boy. I think in past life I lived on a ranch. Western romance is on the top of my 1-click list. I got the HEA I desired. I really enjoyed the love story between these two characters. The extra cowboys were icing on the delicious cake. Did I mention I love cowboys? Here’s another star.

For the last critique. I thought about the editing errors but made sure I was reviewing the entire book. It may have distracted me from my story but there was content in the words that deserves to be reviewed separate from the errors. Those errors didn’t keep me from turning the pages. In fact I finished the book. We’re up to 3 stars now.

After thinking everything through I decided my fair and honest opinion would rate a 3 star review. That’s just my opinion. Someone else may say it’s more or less.

Debut books are not always an authors best representation of the talent they have in storytelling. This indie book world doesn’t have a direct or easy path to success.

As I am reminded by someone I respect and lookup to ‘Everyone starts somewhere’. Those words popped up into my head again this morning as I was ranting about something silly.
I have tons of misspellings, errors in grammar, punctuations mistakes, and many more problems when posting. No doubt I’ve made some in this post too, but I love telling you my stories. It may distract you from my story but I’m telling it anyway. Hopefully next time I do better.

I’ve found a new level of respect for published authors.

  • I would like to tell this author about the lessons I learned today.
  • How to be a better blogger and reviewer.
  • Not everything is black and white. Look for the grey so you can see the whole picture.
  • How not everything in life is easy.

Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Or in my case, quit being a chicken.
This author took a chance by publishing a book.

I’m taking a chance leaving my review and telling you my story.

See, I’m losing some of my chicken feathers already.

~Red xoxo

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