Reds interview with Aaron L. Speer

Welcome to my interview with Aaron L. Speer. A little history on the friendship Aaron and I have developed over the past two years. Speerzie, as he is often called, did a group takeover in July of 2018 while I was away on my annual roadtrip. I called the event ‘While The Redhead’s Away, The Authors Will Play’. This meant I missed his playtime while I was hiking and traveling around the western half of the United States.

Shortly after that event, Aaron started popping up, joining in on the random posts, most often when Red was oversharing, especially on the infamous WMD post. His comment about needing a mouth guard when using the huge Hitachi Magic Wand cracked me up. We’ve become friends and chat often.

I’m excited to sit down and get to know this Aussie author a little better. *Warning* My nickname for him is McPervy. I have no idea what’s going to come out of his mouth.

Hi Aaron. Thanks for popping in for this interview. You know I’m a fan already. Getting the chance to share you with everyone is exciting and scary all wrapped in a crazy package. I think I’m ready for this, lol. Let’s get started.

What genre do you write?

To read the full interview click here.

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