Favorite Suspense/Horror of 2019

Three years of happiness, purchasing a quaint little farm house, dreams of marriage and starting a family.
Both Faith & Theodore seemed untouchable.
They felt as though nothing could touch the ‘perfect’ life they have.
But what happens when a blast from Theodore’s past comes back to haunt them?
Will they survive?
Is it true that love conquers all?

This is not YA horror, and these aren’t your typical teenagers.

The teachers at DS High know something’s not right. It’s the reason they don’t stay late to grade papers, they leave school in packs so nobody’s alone, and they stay away from the one boy with the cult-like following. Evil walks the high school hallways and everyone knows its name: James Bender.

Following the brutal murders of Jade Kelly and Gina Elliot, newly promoted DI Dylan Monroe is assigned to work the case, alongside DS Layla Monahan.

As the body count rapidly rises—each slaying more savage than the last—it soon becomes clear the butchered and mutilated victims have one thing in common—they are all male to female transsexuals.

With time against them, Dylan is forced to go undercover in the only place that provides a link to the victims—Dorothy’s, a well-known drag and cabaret bar in the heart of Liverpool. MORE…