Most Anticipated Romance of 2019

Who am I? Everyone has their opinion of who I am.

The Queen thinks I’m her favorite pet. Lochlaan Mortas thinks I’m his biggest mistake. The Queen’s men think I’m their brother. The Carpe Noctem thinks I’m a useful tool.

Who do I think I am? Cast aside. Unwanted. Freak. Cursed. Full of sins.

But there are some things about me that I am certain of…

I am in love with Octavia, the Queen of Drishane. And my bastard father does not know what kind of vengeance I am about to bring down on him for the pain he has caused Octavia. He has no idea exactly what he allowed to live or what I am capable of.

But I do. Because I know who I am. I am unique…I am Hybrid.

First they choose you.
Then they use you.
Next they lose you…
My name is Belle.
But I’m not beautiful.

I’m the b*tch.
I’m the beast.
And nothing gets to me.
Except Them…
That’s what they are.
They’re not that other place with the fancy and cool bad boy name.
Here, it’s Them.
I may have met my match with Them.
But so have they.
Now it’s my turn…
I’m going to choose Them.
I’m going to use Them.
And I’m going to lose Them. 
And they will never forget me.

On what could be the road to her own demise, Zara Mulaney allies herself with new friends, bonded with one outcome in mind–the collapse of the Aarden empire.

But Lena Aarden isn’t to be underestimated, and when backed into a corner, is vicious, calculating and unforgiving.

Who will emerge victorious in this climactic, final instalment of the acclaimed ‘Selling my Soul’ series?

– Payback is a bitch, and Zara Mulaney could be the bitch that will deliver it.

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