Favorite Stand Alone Book of 2019

I haven’t seen him since that one summer.

He was the boy playing guitar. I was the girl painting pictures.
Now he’s suddenly back in my life, but this time it’s obviously different.
We still know nothing of each other.
And yet I’m in love all over again.
He makes me laugh. He makes me forget.
He makes me feel like everything will be okay.
But some things in life maybe aren’t meant to be. 

Especially when I find out his darkest secret and he finds out I’m the reason my ex is dead.

On Christmas Eve, a small rowing boat washes up on Liberty Island in New York City.

The small vessel houses the frozen body of a silver-haired woman adorned with a jewel-encrusted crown resting on her head.

Kylie Winter, a beautiful and ambitious reporter, is first on the scene, and like the rest of the world, she is immediately drawn into the mystery.

Dubbed the Ice Queen by media outlets worldwide, a race begins to identify who the angelic frozen castaway is and where she came from? More…

I’m a widowed, single mother.
He wants to give me everything I could dream of.
My heart is stuck somewhere between the past and him.
Everywhere I go, I hear the past creeping in. His song, Blue Christmas breaks me every time.
Leaving VanNorth might be my only escape from my past and now him.

I came home for two reasons; VanNorth and her.
I am determined to get them both.
Blue Christmas is not in my vocabulary.
Neither is losing.
Watch out VanNorth because here I come.
It may be the storm of the season.

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