Favorite Novella or Companion Book of 2019

I’m a widowed, single mother.
He wants to give me everything I could dream of.
My heart is stuck somewhere between the past and him.
Everywhere I go, I hear the past creeping in. His song, Blue Christmas breaks me every time.
Leaving VanNorth might be my only escape from my past and now him.

I came home for two reasons; VanNorth and her.
I am determined to get them both.
Blue Christmas is not in my vocabulary.
Neither is losing.
Watch out VanNorth because here I come.
It may be the storm of the season.

In this a standalone BDSM erotic romance, Replay Dominant Richard Franklin has been with his submissive Victoria St. Leger for a year now. The first five months were been the happiest of his life. All that ended when Tory’s sister-in-law lost her baby and his ginger-haired witch lost her fire.

He wants his old Tory back. The one who teased him. Who challenged him. The beautiful English heiress who captivated him even before she dared to cast a love spell using candle magick. She’s locked in there, somewhere. He just needs to find the key.

Rich takes drastic measures and brings Tory to the Valentine’s party on the dark side of Replay BDSM theme resort, where RACK (Risk Aware Consensual Kink) historic cosplay scenes take place. Can he get through to Tory and reclaim her, or will he lose her to the Brazilian master of the whip?

This standalone short story has adult situations and a consensual power exchange that includes public exhibition, voyeurism, discipline, bondage, fire play, and sharing a submissive with another Dominant. Written for Ages 18+.

“Don’t feel bad for me, I’m a sinner. I wear the cross not because I’m worthy, but because I need it more than anyone else, more than any faithful, pure heart. I need it like any other sinner, as a shield, to help me not fall into the vortex of sin.”

Are you ready for Donna Filomena – The Lady of the Mafia? Are you ready for her deepest secrets, her lies, her sacrifices?

“The Secret dies with me.”

This is a dark novella, following the novel Scars, based on the character of Donna Filomena, Alejandro De la Crux’s mother.
Reading sequence: Skins, Scars, Filomena: a Scars novella and Crux 

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