Favorite Military of 2019

“Help me. It’s my heart.”

I called 9-1-1 because the panic crippled me. I thought I was dying. He showed up to rescue me, but now he wants more. Can I ever love again with a broken heart?

When stuff happens fast, we say it’s in a heartbeat. In a heartbeat everything changes. In a heartbeat our world falls apart. People die in a heartbeat, that much I know. But what about love? The very reason our heart beats in the first place. MORE…

Rain pelted my face as I pushed through the roar of the storm.

Deep in the belly of Mexico, my team and I were on the hunt. One of the cartel’s mules flipped and wanted a ticket to freedom. The information they held could be our game-changer.

Returning home to a civilian lifestyle was always an adjustment, even if it was temporary. However, a chance encounter with Catalina Mandas made that transition a little bit easier. She was sweet, sexy, feisty, and saw me for who I was. She completely captivated me. MORE…

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