Favorite Book Couple of 2019

I hadn’t seen Ryan Hudson coming. He stumbled into my life and settled immediately into my soul. As I’ve watched him beginning to explore a new kind of freedom, my heart has swelled and shattered a million times.

The trust he has placed in my hands is monumental. I will not let him down as others have. He thought the protective wall he built was strong enough, but I’m pulling it down. He will bare his soul to me. If he thinks his demons will scare me away, he’s wrong. I’m not intimidated by them. We will fight them together. MORE…

Three years of happiness, purchasing a quaint little farm house, dreams of marriage and starting a family.
Both Faith & Theodore seemed untouchable.
They felt as though nothing could touch the ‘perfect’ life they have.
But what happens when a blast from Theodore’s past comes back to haunt them?
Will they survive?
Is it true that love conquers all?

I’m just the dirty, poor girl …
… with a junkie for a mother.

Now I’m the new girl.
My mother’s in rehab and the last person I expect to see takes me in so I don’t end up on the street.
Except… BAY FALLS HIGH is like nothing I know.
Rich. Power hungry. A$$holes around every corner. Liars. Cheaters.

And if that wasn’t enough…

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