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To celebrate Gracie Wilson’s new release Beautifully Forgotten, I am meeting up with her and having a mini Chit Chat. Gracie is actually another author that is very special to me. I met her when I pretended to know what I was doing at RT this may. I was to naïve to no I was a just a tiny grain of salt in this this huge romance book world. I had to confidence of a warrior. Seriously. I invited a group of authors, a new photographer friend and a reader I met down near the registration desk to dinner in my suite. Gutsy huh? I was here and I was The Redhead aka Red. Let’s do this.

Gracie came to dinner as a guest of Claudia Bost, my new photographer friend. You will learn more about her soon I promise. So in walks Gracie and we clicked immediately. We had some things in common and our friendship began.

Now when I figured out how much of a mini piece of the puzzle I was, I turned to my new friends because I was ready to bail on the whole convention. Gracie told me I couldn’t leave. Period. She let me sit with her during the signing part of RT too. Another of my inside view of the romance book world.

I am so glad to introduce you to Gracie and her books. Let’s get this Chit Chat started.

1) When did you being writing and what genre are your books? 

Gracie: 4 years ago. It was actually on a dare. My friend dared me to write for Nanowrimo and it was already the 21st. Five days later The Lonely Girl was born! I write New adult /contemporary romance. 

2) Which of your published books is your favorite and why?

Gracie: Look What YOU Made Me Do would be my over all favourite because of it being my poetry from childhood to now. For Romance it would Beautifully Forgotten. Something about that book just clicked with me. I wrote it at a hard point and it was a way for me to work out my shit. Yeah know? Well that and the ending is my favourite. 

Hey wait! That was the book that you took the cover picture in my suite. Claudia (the photographer I told y’all about) took your picture and I helped with the shoot a little. Another book world behind the scenes look you gave me. 

3) Do you have a favorite character from your books? How do you select the names of your characters?

Gracie: I don’t have a favourite. My names come from so many things. Sometimes I feel like they’ve been named before I type it. Some names I happen upon or think of I put in my list to use in the future. 

Ya know….. Red is a great nickname, or Donna since that is my real name. Just in case you are looking for a name for a sassy, strong woman’s name.

4) What is your favorite part of being a published author?

Gracie: Getting to meet readers! For sure this is my favourite thing! Getting to know them and other books they love is amazing. 

I am sure meeting redheaded bloggers is right up there too. I could have swore I heard that so I thought I would let the readers know. 

5) Where is the strangest place you had a book or character idea come to you?

Gracie: A funeral. Yup. Totally happened. 

6) Which of your books do you wish more readers were aware of?

Gracie: Beautifully Destroyed!! Such an amazing story. 

7) What’s next for you?

Gracie: Well that’s a secret! I’ll be announcing this soon. 

YES! A Blogger named RED in the Romance Book World is finally coming to Amazon for all to read. OK seriously thats not the secret…… so embarrassing. Ok go one. 

8) Tell us something fun. Anything that can make us smile or giggle. Life is too short, lets spread some smiles around. Plus we need to move on from my embarrassing moment in that question above.

Gracie: I have an insanely cute giant pain in my ass dog called Opie. He’s a Saint Bernard and most days I love him 😂 

9) Anything else you would like to share?

Gracie: Donna you rock babe! 

Back at ya girl. I am forever grateful for your support and friendship. The things you said to me and the experiences you graced me with are forever ingrained in my mind. Thank you. 


Thanks for taking the time to chat with me and these new fans I have no doubt you have gained. ~Red xoxo

Here is the info about Gracie’s book Beautifully Forgotten

40309753_1791781447605591_2713298838528983040_nus https://amzn.to/2Pdu5tS
uk https://amzn.to/2PNPlaS

~ Beautifully Forgotten ~

Naomi’s life has been anything but beautiful, aside from having her grandparents and her best friend. From day one, they tried to protect her from the world. From a dad who didn’t care enough to come around and a mother who, at every turn, chose something else above her daughter —even contemplating whether to allow Naomi to be at all.

You fight for those you love. It’s that simple. Unfortunately, such protection isn’t always successful, and hate can find its way in, creeping up from the darkness, toxic people can bring. Love is a fickle thing. Sometimes it can heal you, other times it can destroy you.

One day. One phone call can take away everything you love.

Naomi would know because that’s exactly what happened.

When she finally decided to take the chance, stand up for herself and risk everything, her life changed forever…if only she could remember what she did. Life can be beautiful and Naomi is ready to fight the world to make it so.

Sometimes forgetting people is the best thing that can happen to a person.

This is her story.

This is Naomi’s comeback!








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