Reed Security Old Covers- Paperbacks From Giulia Lagomarsino’s Private Bookshelf Vault


From the Private Bookshelf Vault of Giulia Lagomarsino:
Reed Security signed paperbacks with the original ugly* covers. *Her words, not mine.

This is your chance to own a copy of Reed Security’s history!

Once they’re gone, they’re gone! FOREVER!


Quantities are extremely limited. Most of these paperbacks have only 1 copy available.

Free shipping in the US
NOTE: These paperbacks are signed by Giulia Lagomarsino but are not personalized.
Weight N/A
Choice of Paperback - Old Covers

A Mad Reed Security Christmas-old cover, Alec – old cover, Burg – old cover, Cap-old cover, Cazzo – old cover, Chance old cover, Gabe old cover, Hunter old cover, Ice old cover, Irish – old cover, Jackson old cover, Jules old cover, Knight – old cover, Logan old cover, Lola old cover, Phoenix Rising old cover, Sebastian old cover, Sinner – old cover, Sniper old cover, Storm old cover, Whiskey old cover, Wolf old cover


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