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❤ Something Worth Saving by Mayra Statham ❤

This isn’t a boy meets girl kind of story…

This is about what happens AFTER I do’s,

After babies and carpools….

This is about reconnecting when life has pulled you in two different directions.

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Enter The Darkness, Sooner Or Later You’ll Meet The Devil…
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Darkness had surrounded me my entire life. Being the master dom at the exclusive Seven club, I reigned over the depraved and the decadent.
I was a demon to some, angel to others.
I lived in an abyss where power, sex, and the thrill of inflicting pain enveloped me. Finding myself drowning in a labyrinth of my own creation, I needed something more.
I was desperate for someone to save me from my worst enemy.
I was a broken doll looking for my own savior.
When I met Chase Grantham, I knew he was more demon than angel. But I didn’t care. I wanted to see, to know something darkly forbidden. Within Chase Grantham, I had found the dark angel I’d always craved.
With every lash of his whip, with every passionate kiss, I found myself falling deeper and deeper into his never-ending abyss. I’d forgotten the most important lesson….
When you look into the darkness, sooner or later you’ll meet the devil


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Never/Ever by Susan Meachen

*Adult Content 18+ May Contain Triggers*

Never/Ever by Susan Meachen is only 99cents 8/29 thru 9/30
September is Suicide Awareness and prevention month.
In Crisis? 1-800-273-8255

*Adult Content 18+ May Contain Triggers*
Losing the love of my life the summer before we were set to go off to college together destroyed me beyond repair. James committed suicide weeks before we were to start our lives together, leaving me broken and haunted by the ‘what ifs’ of life. There just wasn’t any way I could attend the college we chose together, and I was certain there wasn’t another option at what most would call last minute. When another University agreed to take me, I packed up my car and headed to the Sunshine state. I needed to get as far away from home as I possibly could- reinvent myself, protect my heart and concentrate on college while never allowing anyone inside the fortress I’d built around me.
But Brandon wasn’t just anyone…
Brandon wasn’t your average college boy; he’d been there, done that and had no time for childish play. His cool, confident mask hid a man with deep wounds of his own. He was in college for one reason and one reason alone. He was there for his degree and to learn the life lessons his father set out in his will for him – a condition required to gain his legacy. Women were trouble, a distraction he didn’t want or need. His bed was open for a few hours, but never anything more.
But he hadn’t met me yet.
Can two strangers with hardened hearts find peace in each other? Can Lilly prove not all women are heartless bitches? Can Brandon break through all the walls Lilly has firmly in place around herself and her heart?

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