Men of Inked: Southside by Chelle Bliss

How did I miss this series? I have read all of Chelle Bliss’s Men of Inked books but this one slipped by me. It’s one of the victims of being a blogger. You just don’t read as much as I used to. I am working on balancing that. I mean after all, I started blogging because I love reading. So, I just one clicked each of these and put them way up on my TBR.

Book CoverManeuver (Men of Inked:Southside Book 1)

by Chelle Bliss


This isn’t how fairy tales typically begin, but it’s where mine starts…
No money, no phone, and abandoned on the streets of Chicago.
With my baby in my arms, I wander into a bar in a shady neighborhood and ask to use their phone.
When my father turns us away and completely disowns me, the bar owner, and total hottie, offers us a place to stay…no strings attached.
I’m leery at first.
Hot alpha guy.
Down on her luck single mother.
I mean, who wouldn’t be wary?
Lucio Gallo isn’t like most men, though. He’s fiercely protective, loyal, and did I mention he’s covered in nothing but muscle?
Above all else, he’s everything I need but never knew I wanted.


Book Cover

Flow (Men of Inked: Southside Book 2)

by Chelle Bliss


The moment I looked into his eyes, I knew I was in trouble.
The second I heard his name, I knew I should stay away.

Our fathers were mortal enemies—Chicago crime bosses from rival families.

But that didn’t stop Leo Conti from pursuing me.
Being together was dangerous, reckless, and totally hot.
He wanted me. I wanted him.

What could possibly go wrong?

Flow is the second book in the new, steamy Men of Inked: Southside series by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss.

Book Cover

Hook by Chelle Bliss

Preorder Now – Releases 1/15/19


Hook is the third book in the new Men of Inked: Southside series by USA Today bestselling author Chelle Bliss.

Angelo Gallo.









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