Letting Hope Enter – 9 authors supporting suicide prevention and awareness donating all royalties to American Suicide Foundation for Suicide Prevention


Coming September 24, 2018

Letting Hope Enter: A Charity Set

Featuring: Multiple authors whose only goal is to help support Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Charity: All royalties will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Cover Designer: Skye MacKinnon

#PreOrder for only #99cents!

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2KKKfbF

Recently the news has started reporting the near epidemic issue of mental health illness and the rise in suicide rates. It’s a problem which could be handled and controlled so much more effectively if there wasn’t a stigma associated with both suicidal thoughts and mental health problems.

They’re both treated like dirty secrets.

This is a subject which has touched everyone in some way. Some have been affected directly; maybe they thought about it, or possibly even tried to end everything because they thought there was no other way. Others are diagnosed with various illnesses: bipolar, depression, anxiety…None of these should be a cause for shame. These can’t be controlled. People should feel comfortable talking about it and seeking help, instead of feeling like they need to hide it…

…and to know hope is always there, it just needs to be allowed to enter.

**Inside these pages are stories of despair, tragedy and pain, but also filled with hope and love and a way to see the light outside of the darkness.**

Amazon: https://amzn.to/2KKKfbF

*** The Redheads note:

The effect of attempted and tragic loss of life through Suicide is something that has touched too many people. Either directly or indirectly. I am proud to assist these authors spread the word about their new book. Please consider purchasing a copy and sharing. I just preordered mine.~Red xoxo

Letting Hope Enter

by Trinity Hanrahan (Author), Maggie Jane Schuler (Author), Amanda Lenore (Author), J.M. Butler (Author), Angie Brocker (Author), Morgan G. Farris (Author), DJ Shaw (Author), Airian Eastman (Author), Kathia Ilblis (Author), Brittany Anne (Author)

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