Freebie Ignite by Drew Sera and Thorn Black

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Enter The Darkness, Sooner Or Later You’ll Meet The Devil…
Ignite by Drew Sera and Thorn Black – Author is FREE !!!!
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Darkness had surrounded me my entire life. Being the master dom at the exclusive Seven club, I reigned over the depraved and the decadent.
I was a demon to some, angel to others.
I lived in an abyss where power, sex, and the thrill of inflicting pain enveloped me. Finding myself drowning in a labyrinth of my own creation, I needed something more.
I was desperate for someone to save me from my worst enemy.
I was a broken doll looking for my own savior.
When I met Chase Grantham, I knew he was more demon than angel. But I didn’t care. I wanted to see, to know something darkly forbidden. Within Chase Grantham, I had found the dark angel I’d always craved.
With every lash of his whip, with every passionate kiss, I found myself falling deeper and deeper into his never-ending abyss. I’d forgotten the most important lesson….
When you look into the darkness, sooner or later you’ll meet the devil


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