Favorite New Author of 2019

Once upon a time, there was a wholesome young princess who ruled her kingdom in grace and purity…

This isn’t that story.

Octavia is a naughty, snarky, young princess that is always looking for a good time. But, in a single night, a greedy, bloodthirsty enemy changes her world forever. MORE…

Jennifer is a 32 year old woman living in a quaint town in Maine. Eight years ago, she suffered a tragic loss and has remained by herself ever since.
Samuel, a single father who is 28 years old and a part-time author and owner to Millennium Fleet,
One of the largest fishing boat companies on the East Coast.
By a freak accident, the two meet during the holiday season and instantly feel an attraction.
A hummingbird and a spark from a touch start these two lonely souls on a true love journey written in the stars.
Can true love heal old wounds to clear the path for these two lonely souls?

What happens when the kids leave for college and you remember you’re not just mom, but a woman too?

Simply going through the motions, on autopilot day after day, weighed heavily on me.

The one thing which bonded my husband and me, before the kids came along, was slowly cast aside as their needs grew more demanding.
Intimacy became an act; a performance, without the desire, passion, and lust we once shared. MORE…

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