Double Trouble Book Club Featured Book

Night Walker – Undeadly Secrets book 1
by Aaron L Speer

When humans seem nothing more than prey, the hunters just might become the hunted…
Vampires wage a secret, merciless war for ownership of the city.
When Alexandra Hensley meets Dante Delavega, owner of the hottest nightclub in town, she has no idea how he will affect her life.
Alex learns Dante holds the key to her past. When she discovers what really happened to her parents, she unlocks a secret kept hidden since the First Fleet.
But no truth comes without a cost, and a secret of this magnitude only stays buried due to one simple rule: join us or die.
When word of her discovery spreads to those whose sole purpose is to keep the secret buried, Dante’s greatest battle begins.
Alex must be silenced, and Dante is all that is standing in their way.
Can he truly save Alex? Or will Alex be yet another victim of knowing the Undeadly Secret?
Perfect for fans of True Blood and Underworld.

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