‘In Cold Blood – Discovering Chris Watts: The Facts – Part One’ by Netta Newbound & Marcus Brown

During this series we will look at the facts, the police investigation, the evidence, hear Chris Watts’ explanation and his reasoning. We will try to make some sense of what occurred during the early hours of August 13th 2018.

“Originally due to be released as ‘Into the Shadows’, we decided on a different course for the book, so here it is…This factual book has caused a tsunami within the true crime community to the point my writing partner and her family, plus my husband, was sent death threats…” -Marcus Brown

Releasing 4th September 2020

Genre: True Crime


I guess it’s safe to say most people will have heard of the Watts case.
Christopher Lee (Chris) Watts, the dashing, seemingly genteel, affable man who murdered his entire family in a calculated attack that shocked the entire world.
Shanann Watts, his pregnant, incredibly beautiful wife whose life was snuffed out because her doting husband decided he wanted a fresh start.
Bella Marie and Celeste Cathryn (CeCe) Watts, adorable sisters who worshipped their father, the very man who suffocated them both in cold blood using their comfort blankets against them. He then went on to dispose of their tiny bodies into huge tanks filled with toxic crude oil.

Nico Lee Watts, Chris and Shanann’s unborn son.

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Looking for a book to read this Halloween?

Looking for a creepy and dark book to read this Halloween? Check out these books by Author Marcus Brown

Although The Redheads Book Blog has a strong romance book presence, we do recommend some fantastic non-romance books as well.
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Landen: The Murphy Boys Series by Holly Webb

Landen is prepared to turn his whole world upside down for her.



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Available on kindle unlimited

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Book Tubbing Amy – YouTube Blogger

Today I bring to you Book Tubbing Amy. This is a YouTube based Book Blog.

While at the Romance Times convention this May, I was fortunate to attend a blogger synopsis and meet lot’s of wonderful people. I want to introduce you to some of them.

Today I bring to you Book Tubbing Amy. This is a YouTube based Book Blog. Original right? Amy and I became buddies right at the beginning. Well actually before the beginning. I walked off the elevator and there she was. I introduced myself by giving her a penis lollipop. It was my ice breaker.

While I was becoming increasingly overwhelmed at this blogger class, Amy was a shining star keeping me grounded. We continued on throughout the convention with several of our blogging pals. We are still working out how we can collaborate on some projects. Eventually it will happen I have no doubt.

So why bring this up now? Well, I have time and this has been on my to do list since I returned from RT.

Amy is a busy, hard working woman and is getting things started again on her YouTube channel. Go say ‘Hi’ to her in the comments of this video and tell her Redd sent you. Don’t forget to subscribe so you get regular updates. 

BookTubing Amy YouTube Video- BookTubeAthon 2018

I told y’all to expect some changes and fun things in the future. I hope my blogging buddies are able to pop in soon!

~Red xoxo