Reds Review: Where My Heart Lies by Luna Lopez

Ms. Lopez threw in a twist which knocked me on my butt. A twist that had me in tears multiple times. Luna Lopez drew emotions from me while reading this story keeping me on my toes and a stack of tissues near by.

๐ŸŒธ’Where My Heart Lies’ by Luna Lopez๐ŸŒธ
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Book Title: Where My Heart Lies
Author: Luna Lopez
Genre/s: Romance, Lesbian, Suspense
Release Date: 4/27/2019
Available on Kindle Unlimited
eBook & Paperback
Special price 99p/99c

Reds Review:

I’ve had the honor of following Luna Lopez from the beginning. Starting with her debut novella, First Kiss. Her debut was just a taste of the spectacular writing she has unleashed with her new full length novel, Where My Heart Lies.

Blogging has given me the opportunity to step outside of my self-imposed reading boundaries. Luna’s stories of lesbian relationships have introduced me to a romance genre I would never have searched out on my own. Continue reading “Reds Review: Where My Heart Lies by Luna Lopez”

Reds Review: First Kiss by Luna Lopez

What happens if taking that first kiss ruins everything they have? What if that first kiss makes everything better?

First Kiss: A Lesbian Short StoryFirst Kiss: A Lesbian Short Story by Luna Lopez

Have you ever started reading a book just knowing in your heart how the story will end?
Well, you might not get the outcome you expected when reading First Kiss. I know I didnโ€™t.

Luna Lopez has written a sweet short story that touched my heart and made me think about love.

First Kiss is a story of two women but let’s back up. It’s a story of two people. Two people who have been friends for a long time and now see their friendship could be more. That’s a pretty risky thing to do regardless of their gender.

What happens if taking that first kiss ruins everything they have?
What if it ends the special connection which has grown over the years?
What if that first kiss makes everything better?
Does the fact these two people are women create other complications?

Will there be acceptance or rejection? First they must accept or reject the idea of more than friends themselves. How will their decision be accepted or rejected by family and friends?

Is the risk of losing it all worth taking a chance on love?

These were the questions and thoughts running through my mind while reading and even after I closed the book. I thought about how Ms. Lopez told this story and all of the ways it could have ended. I looked inside myself and tried to see all sides of this story. Like I said at the start, it touched my heart.

No spoilers in my review. You will have to read it yourself to find out more.

I am looking forward to reading Ms. Lopez’s debut novel, Where the Heart Lies.

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โ–‘Cโ–‘Oโ–‘Mโ–‘Iโ–‘Gโ–‘ โ–‘Sโ–‘Oโ–‘Oโ–‘Nโ–‘
FIRST KISS By Luna Lopez
Only 99p/99c

Available on ebook & paperback

Kara and Yasmeen have been best friends since high school.
Now in their early twenties, they’re as radically different to one another in personality as they’ve always been.
Both have overcome the loss of their respective mothers, in albeit different circumstances which helped cement the bond between them.
Kara is a working class, out and proud lesbian, while Yasmeen is a spoiled, yet dutiful middle class Muslim on the verge of an arranged marriage.
Realizing Kara is the girl for her, Yasmeen is hell bent on living the life she wants, even if that means going against her fathers wishes.
Kara doesn’t need a declaration of love and is happy to remain on the sidelines, but Yasmeen will do whatever it takes to be with the one she loves.

Book Cover

Reds Chit Chat with Zane Michaelson

I began writing in August 2017.’Thou Shalt Not Love’ is my favourite up to now…..

5171QO8ZuoLZane Michaelson stopped by to chat with us today and I am really excited to see what he has to share.ย 

I have followedย  Zane Michaelson since he released his first book in October 2017. His debut book, She Loves to Watch Me Play, is a retelling of his life at a time which was not all hearts and flowers. Each book after this one made up this chapter, There Are Two Sides To Every Story. This final book includes his wife’s (Jenna Michaelson) side ofย  their story. It completes the puzzle perfectly.

Zane Michaelson’s new release, Cammie: By Invitation Only book 1 was a secret release to tease his readers while he takes a bit of a break. He has been going non-stop since he starting publishing his books almost a year ago. I think he has earned some time off.ย  The Redheads Review Squad all agree that Cammie is a must read and great start to this new series.ย  Links to purchase Cammie are below the interview.ย 

Click on the links below to read the full review.

Red: Zane Michaelson continues to blow me away with his original stories and his writing style.

Kitti Kat: This story drew me in…it is blistering and panty melting!

Foxy Lady 369: I love this book! It’s one of those books that leaves you on the edge of your seat and the intensity of wondering what will happen next.


The Interview:ย  Don’t mind all of the fangirl moments in this interview. Since I have followed Zane Michaelson for almost a year and devoured all of his books, getting to do an interview with him is a highlight of my blogging. So let’s get started…….

1) When did you being writing? Also, which of your published books is your favorite?
Zane: I began writing in August 2017.’Thou Shalt Not Love’ is my favourite up to now as it was the first work of fiction that I published. It proved I could do it, and the response was amazing!
Red: It has been amazing to be with you since your debut in Oct 2017.ย 
2) Do you have a favorite character from your books? How do you select the names of your characters?
Zane: I don’t have a favourite character I can tell you about as that book hasn’t been announced yet.
Choosing character names isn’t as easy as people think it would be. I get the names once I build a visual picture in my mind. If I don’t have the name, it’s because I haven’t described the character well enough.
Red: Just so you new readers are warned. Mr.ย  Michaelson is a big, I mean huge, tease. Like how he snuck in that “book that hasn’t been announced” part? He keeps you on your toes.ย 
3) What is your favorite part of being a published author?
Zane: I love the fact I have a fantastic company behind me (Junction Publishing / Happy Ever After Publishing). They take care of everything and nothing is decided without me. Down to the editing and the fantastic cover art,ย  they won’t accept anything but the best. I definitely won the lottery signing with them.
Red: Your covers are amazing and the women go crazy for them. Ok I will admit to having some items with your covers on them. Some coffee mugs, some t-shirts, maybe a charm or 2.ย  I mean, come on, those men are HOT! Now looking at Cammie I think I need to add to my collection.ย 
4) Where is the strangest place you had a book or character idea come to you?
Zane: I get ideas in the strangest of places. On the toilet, in the dentist, driving, and people watching (Or as my wife says, being nosey). But mainly, my ideas come when listening to music. A song title can give me an idea for a book, and the characters come from something as simple as that.
Red: I know you like to share your music with your readers in Zane’s Hangout on Facebook. I spend time in there on occasion. If you would like to join us here is the link:
5) How long on average does it take you to write a book?
Zane:ย My first novella ‘She Loves to Watch Me Play’ took me just under two days to write. I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing, but the response has been fantastic.ย 
Red: I am not surprised to hear you wrote that so quickly. It felt like an outpouring of your heart as I read. Oh, I am supposed to be an unbiased journalist here. Well I blew that one but I am who I am. I fangirl often.ย 
6) Do you read your book reviews? How do you deal with bad or good ones?
Zane: I don’t tend to read them, but people do point both the good and bad out to me, so I have to take notice. Saying that, I take them for what they are – people’s opinions. I am just happy people have read my work. You can’t please everyone, and sometimes bad reviews tend to draw more people to your work. Curiosity killed the cat so to speak!
7) Which of your books do you wish more readers were aware of?
Zane: ‘There are Two Sides to Every Story’, which is my true story, and co-written with my wife, Jenna.
Red: This was the perfect way to close the door on this chapter of your writing and move into the new writing you are doing now. Cammie is a great example of your new work.ย 
8) What do you do what you suffer from writerโ€™s block?
Zane: I don’t suffer from it thankfully, and I think the reason is my fondness for working on multiple manuscripts – I never get bored of the same thing.
Red: I bet you have a lot of ideas floating around that you can’t wait to get on paper. I guess that saying doesn’t really work anymore. I mean I am typing, not writing on paper. Oh well, moving along.
9) Did you have a mentor when you started?
Zane: No. I was all alone in a world I knew nothing of. My friends Gloria and Carol were a great help at the start and without their guidance, I would have made so many mistakes.
Red: I have been fortunate to meet both of these ladies and I agree they are fabulous. Plus Gloria is great at keeping you in line, or at least she tries.ย 
10)ย  Advice for aspiring authors?
Zane: Write what you know! Get a fantastic editor and take care with your covers.
Sounds good to me!
Red: Great editor, check. Beg you to help with covers, check and check.ย 
11)ย  What’s next for you?
Zane: I have so many new releases planned for the rest of 2018, and right up to 2020. Keep your eyes on Zane’s Hangout as everything is announced there first! There is so much more to come from me, and I couldn’t be more excited.
Red: Here is that link again to Zane’s Hangoutย

12) Tell us something fun. Anything that can make us smile or giggle. Life is too short, lets spread some smiles around.ย 

Zane: I hate anything that scurries about; mice, rats, spiders, oh and birds too. Their feet/claws terrify me and the thought of them touching my bare skin is my worst nightmare. I think I would pass out/wail/have a heart attack, if it ever happened! (Saying my prayers now!)
Red: Now that is something new to me. So camping in a tent would not be on your favorite vacation activities list . Got it.ย 
13) Anything else you would like to share?
Zane: I think I shared more than enough in the ‘I Know What You’re Doing’ series! Some of my readers are still recovering.

Thank you for being here and sharing with us today Zane. You know I have been a loyal reader of yours from the beginning. I am anxiously waiting for Zander, book 2 in your By Invitation Only Series. I have Angel of Mine pre-ordered.ย 

Thanks for taking the time to chat with me .

~Red xoxo

Blurb and Links for Zane Michaelson’s new book Cammie: By Invitation Only

Cammie Childs is a dynamic careerwoman on the brink of divorce.
During a successful business trip to London, she falls into bed with the enigmatic, but egotistical, Zander Shaw.
After a night of wild and passionate sex, they go their separate ways.
For Cammie, their time together meant nothing and was just another part of her sexual reawakening.
Days later, Jensen, a drop-dead gorgeous chauffer, turns up at Cammieโ€™s door with an offer she may not be able to refuse.
Instantly attracted to Jensen, and wanting to see him again, she accepts the mysterious invitation, but who is playing a game with her, and does she have any hope of winning?
Note: This is Book One in a new series of short stories.





Coming Oct 1stClick here to learn a little bit more about how I was introduced to Zane Michaelson.ย 




Reds Chit Chat with Gracie Wilson

To celebrate Gracie Wilson’s new release Beautifully Forgotten, I am meeting up with her and having a mini Chit Chat.

To celebrate Gracie Wilson’s new release Beautifully Forgotten, I am meeting up with her and having a mini Chit Chat. Gracie is actually another author that is very special to me. I met her when I pretended to know what I was doing at RT this may. I was to naรฏve to no I was a just a tiny grain of salt in this this huge romance book world. I had to confidence of a warrior. Seriously. I invited a group of authors, a new photographer friend and a reader I met down near the registration desk to dinner in my suite. Gutsy huh? I was here and I was The Redhead aka Red. Let’s do this.

Gracie came to dinner as a guest of Claudia Bost, my new photographer friend. You will learn more about her soon I promise. So in walks Gracie and we clicked immediately. We had some things in common and our friendship began.

Now when I figured out how much of a mini piece of the puzzle I was, I turned to my new friends because I was ready to bail on the whole convention. Gracie told me I couldn’t leave. Period. She let me sit with her during the signing part of RT too. Another of my inside view of the romance book world.

I am so glad to introduce you to Gracie and her books. Let’s get this Chit Chat started.

1) When did you being writing and what genre are your books?ย 

Gracie: 4 years ago. It was actually on a dare. My friend dared me to write for Nanowrimo and it was already the 21st. Five days later The Lonely Girl was born! I writeย New adult /contemporary romance.ย 

2) Which of your published books is your favorite and why?

Gracie:ย Look What YOU Made Me Do would be my over all favourite because of it being my poetry from childhood to now. For Romance it would Beautifully Forgotten. Something about that book just clicked with me. I wrote it at a hard point and it was a way for me to work out my shit. Yeah know? Well that and the ending is my favourite.ย 

Hey wait! That was the book that you took the cover picture in my suite. Claudia (the photographer I told y’all about) took your picture and I helped with the shoot a little. Another book world behind the scenes look you gave me.ย 

3) Do you have a favorite character from your books? How do you select the names of your characters?

Gracie:ย I donโ€™t have a favourite. My names come from so many things. Sometimes I feel like theyโ€™ve been named before I type it. Some names I happen upon or think of I put in my list to use in the future.ย 

Ya know….. Red is a great nickname, or Donna since that is my real name. Just in case you are looking for a name for a sassy, strong woman’s name.

4) What is your favorite part of being a published author?

Gracie: Getting to meet readers! For sure this is my favourite thing! Getting to know them and other books they love is amazing.ย 

I am sure meeting redheaded bloggers is right up there too. I could have swore I heard that so I thought I would let the readers know.ย 

5) Where is the strangest place you had a book or character idea come to you?

Gracie:ย A funeral. Yup. Totally happened.ย 

6) Which of your books do you wish more readers were aware of?

Gracie:ย Beautifully Destroyed!! Such an amazing story.ย 

7) Whatโ€™s next for you?

Gracie:ย Well thatโ€™s a secret! Iโ€™ll be announcing this soon.ย 

YES! A Blogger named RED in the Romance Book World is finally coming to Amazon for all to read. OK seriously thats not the secret…โ€ฆ so embarrassing. Ok go one.ย 

8) Tell us something fun. Anything that can make us smile or giggle. Life is too short, lets spread some smiles around. Plus we need to move on from my embarrassing moment in that question above.

Gracie:ย I have an insanely cute giant pain in my ass dog called Opie. Heโ€™s a Saint Bernard and most days I love him ๐Ÿ˜‚ย 

9) Anything else you would like to share?

Gracie:ย Donna you rock babe!ย 

Back at ya girl. I am forever grateful for your support and friendship. The things you said to me and the experiences you graced me with are forever ingrained in my mind. Thank you.ย 


Thanks for taking the time to chat with me and these new fans I have no doubt you have gained. ~Red xoxo

Here is the info about Gracie’s book Beautifully Forgotten


~ Beautifully Forgotten ~

Naomiโ€™s life has been anything but beautiful, aside from having her grandparents and her best friend. From day one, they tried to protect her from the world. From a dad who didnโ€™t care enough to come around and a mother who, at every turn, chose something else above her daughter โ€”even contemplating whether to allow Naomi to be at all.

You fight for those you love. Itโ€™s that simple. Unfortunately, such protection isnโ€™t always successful, and hate can find its way in, creeping up from the darkness, toxic people can bring. Love is a fickle thing. Sometimes it can heal you, other times it can destroy you.

One day. One phone call can take away everything you love.

Naomi would know because thatโ€™s exactly what happened.

When she finally decided to take the chance, stand up for herself and risk everything, her life changed forever…if only she could remember what she did. Life can be beautiful and Naomi is ready to fight the world to make it so.

Sometimes forgetting people is the best thing that can happen to a person.

This is her story.

This is Naomiโ€™s comeback!