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Author: The Redhead

An author I found that stuck with me

img_6784It was in October 2017 when I ran across a new author who wrote about a part of his life that most people would never share with friends, let alone strangers. He held nothing back except his real identity. It was very personal and without question, he was going to be judged harshly. I understand and respect his decision to remain anonymous.

Zane Michaelson wrote about some of the most challenging times in his life. Depression and the feeling of discontent which lead him down a road that had the potential to destroy everything and everyone around him. Choices were made and hence his story begins.

The series is called I Know What You’re  Doing. Before releasing the book as a whole, three novellas were released under the titles, in order, She Loves to Watch Me Play, Our Dirty Little Secrets, and Till Death Us Do Part. After reading She Loves to Watch Me Play, I searched out this new author on Facebook. I find all of my book recommendations on Facebook. It’s why my blog was a Facebook only blog for 7 months. I “Liked” his page and began to “stalk” him. Zane Michaelson’s Facebook author page.

This may seem weird if you are not an avid Facebook author stalker. In the Facebook world “stalking,” an author is a good thing. It means I follow them on all social media. Stay up to date with new releases. Follow the author to other pages and groups for “takeovers”. Generally, be a super-fan and show my support. It allows me, as a reader, to converse with and get to know an author. An author is a real person, not just words in a book. It adds to the reading experience, especially with an author like Zane. He responds to his reader’s comments and is genuine. Even though he keeps his real identity a secret, his personality shines through. I know about his sweet tooth and his crush and obsession with Kylie Minogue. Like I said, you get to know more about the person behind the words.

**Following an author and getting to have this ‘personal’ experience does not mean you have the right to harass or act inappropriately with an author. If you wouldn’t do it or say it to someone face to face, then don’t do it on Facebook. OK, done preaching…. just be smart. Don’t ruin the experience for others who know how to act appropriately.

Back on the subject of  Zane Michaelson and why I am grateful he stuck with me. Yes, I love the personal story he shared with us, but this isn’t why I chose to write about him now.

Back in December 2017, I had just started my Facebook blog and group. I have always expected instant gratification and success. I didn’t feel like things were moving fast enough and I made a casual post about giving up.

Zane messaged me and offered to ‘takeover’ my group. This means he signs into my Facebook group and spends an hour talking with and posting with readers. I love ‘takeovers’. When Zane messaged me I was stunned. Here I am ready to shut things down and this new author offers his time to help make my blog better.

I was shaking I was so excited. His personal assistant, Gloria, walked me through, step by step, and corrected my errors. I am grateful for her too. They make a great team.

We picked a date and time and waited. I continued to play on my blog but the number of members did not climb very much. If I remember correctly, I had about 35 before Zane’s takeover and 76 on takeover day.

What nobody knows about that day, until now, is that I got ready 2 hours before the takeover. I set up my room with a cushy chair, pillows, and blankets. I added a folding table, covered it with a table-cloth, set up snacks, and drink and counted down the minutes until the takeover was to begin. I know it was silly but I did it. It was a big event for me.

I messaged Zane about 15 minutes before takeover time and prayed he did not forget. He answered right away and stayed on the private message with me while chatting easily with the readers. His encouragement was everything I needed to convince myself I could really do this. It was so much fun and the adrenaline was pumping through my body. I’m not sure I was actually breathing the entire time.

At the conclusion of the takeover, I burst into tears. I had been searching for a new path after leaving a job I loved. I needed something besides just being a stay at home mom. I especially needed to find a group of people I could relate to and connect with. People I had something in common with. Romance books.

It is hard to find friends who read or at least admit to reading romance. Especially if it’s really dirty books. I have since found them thanks to my blog. I would not have continued with my blog if Zane had not messaged me. I was done and ready to look for something else to fill a void.

Since deciding to continue my blog I have gone headfirst into the pool of romance books. I attended my first author signing in April 2018 and went to the humongous RT Convention in May 2018.

I will write more about those in the upcoming months. Now I have moved on to include a web-based blog to my Facebook blog and why? Because Zane Michaelson stuck with me and gave me the chance to see my potential. I don’t think he knew what a difference he made that day. He is just a great guy.

Thanks, Zane, for sticking with me and supporting The Redhead. You never know who you may be helping or inspiring daily. On that day in December, you helped me.

~Red xoxo

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Flatline by Kristine Dugger

This is how my life goes. It’s pretty damn simple. I work with very little play. I’m an ICU Dietitian. What exactly does this mean? My career is my one true love. Nothing else compares.
Until one night, I decided to go outside my comfort zone.
A little friendly flirting turned into a night filled with want and need.
Not once did I ever think I would do something like this.
One-night stand, no strings attached.
Me leaving the next morning, hoping to never see him again.
Boy, was I wrong.
He works with me.
A fucking doctor!
#oneclick #medicalromance #hot #flatline #kristinedugger

The Redhead’s Romance Book Blog

Before continuing please read the warning below.

Content Warning: This blog will discuss adult 18+ novels. While this blog will remain relatively tame, my Facebook page will be slightly more explicit when describing the romance/erotic books and may include sexy pictures, sexual innuendos, hot men and women, and explicit language. It’s all part of the romance and erotic book world. If this is offensive and just not your thing please stop right here. Have a great day. Keep scrolling until you find a blog for you. If you are an adult romance fan get ready to party!

Now that I’ve warned everyone I’ll get back to my reason for this blog.

Why a book blog you ask?

Well there really isn’t a simple answer. Here’s a list of what I hope to accomplish with my blog:

  1. Many of the authors I love are independent writers who appreciate their readers and really show it. Facebook and other social media sites have become a way to connect with authors and fellow readers in such a personal way. I’ve found fellow romance readers to chat with all over the world. Social media is very important to the marketing of new book releases. Along with this blog, I have created a Facebook. Please find me at  The Redhead’s Romance Readers. I will try to introduce you to the romance book world and all it has to offer.
  2. Writing this blog is a small way I can give back to those authors who have provided me with so many hours of entertainment. I want to share my reading obsession with others in search of new romance and erotica books. Maybe I can help fuel your desire for romance novels.
  3. Let’s just say it. Romance novels equals sex scenes. Some books are more explicit than others but they do have sex within its pages. Fifty Shades of Grey brought the romance/erotica readers out of the closet however some readers have remained  quiet. I hope this blog will help spread the word about some awesome romance/erotica novels and the people who write them for us. It’s a safe, anonymous way to find the books you love without judgement. There is no shame in reading what you love. You may find some extra benefits through your reading as well. I’ll let your imagination run with that thought.
  4. I have found all of my favorite authors through Facebook, bloggers and author recommendations. My Kindle is full of books to be read (TBR). You’ll be amazed at what is out there if you just take the time to look. By the way, many bloggers and authors have closed reader groups so you can have fun without judgement or people from your friends list looking in on your private posts. Plus the Facebook Author events and parties have games, giveaways and are just plain fun. It’s at these online parties I have found some of my very favorite books. The kind I read over and over. It would be great to host some author events and giveaways on my own page and closed group.
  5. Mostly this blog is because I love talking about romance book, interacting with like-minded people and supporting the authors I’ve come to know through author events and Facebook. I’ll admit I haven’t been to many author events but I intend to change that with the introduction if this blog. It will give me one more fun thing to share with you.

So there’s my long list of why’s. It will take me awhile to get this blog off the ground. I will need a lot of support from everyone to spread the word. Plus this is new to me as a Book Blogger. There is a learning curve I hope to get on the right side of quickly to do the best job possible.

I would be thrilled to have you stalk my blog and Facebook pages. Just bear with me while I work out the kinks. Speaking of kinks, many of these books will include the kinky side of sex. Don’t knock it until you’ve read it. I mean you did read Fifty Shades right? That was all about kinky.

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