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The Cornish Confetti AgencyThe Cornish Confetti Agency by Daisy James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


I loved this lighthearted, drama filled ‘who done it’ type romantic story. The calamities Lexie found herself in were often hilarious. This is my first book of Daisy’s to read and I love her writing style and how she describes the beautiful Cornish countryside, taking me back to my own childhood memories of holidaying in beautiful Cornwall. Looking forward to reading book two.


When the grand finale of Lexie Harrington’s catwalk show ends with a disastrous twist on the ‘ice bucket challenge’, she was expecting her highly-strung boss to fire her on the spot. What she wasn’t expecting was to bump into her fiancé cosied up with an attractive blonde in the restaurant opposite their apartment!

Desperate to escape her heartbreak, Lexie flees to her childhood home of St Ives to hold the fort at The Cornish Confetti Agency for her best friend Freya, leader of the yummy mummy network and firm believer in ‘happily ever afters’. Little did she know that delivering a Caribbean-themed wedding in sunny Cornwall would rival the fashion industry for drama, tantrums and mysterious goings on.

Who is responsible for dousing the bridesmaid’s dress with tomato ketchup? Or hiding the bride’s beloved Jimmy Choos? Or attaching googly eyes to everything in sight?

The perfect Cornish wedding? Is there such a thing for The Cornish Confetti Agency?

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