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Texas Country Criminals : A Country Romance Box SetTexas Country Criminals : A Country Romance Box Set by Bry Ann
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What a mix of emotions!
I just love the Shelby family, each and every one of them is so full of love!!!
This series is full of brilliant storylines, fabulous characters with some parts breaking me into floods of tears.
Kingston, Hunter and Jay are all amazing, hot, gorgeous man with an amazing caring, soft, loving personality for the ones they love.
Love this series! Highly recommended!


FULL BOX SET INCLUDING KINGSTON, HUNTER AND JAY… Get to know all the Shelby Brothers!

She’s a woman of many colors. Striped black and white pants with floral tops and knee high yellow boots. All in one outfit. On the regular.
She eats sherbet ice cream with rainbow sprinkles and is not ashamed to say what she wants and go after it.
I’m a cowboy. A loan shark. I’m quiet. I think, plan, protect. I don’t indulge in colors, pleasure or spontaneity… until she barrels her way into my life.
She’s perfect. She’s rainbows and beauty and life.
Until she gets the diagnosis that sends both our lives in a tailspin.
It’s time I make a choice. Do I do what I should and keep my sister’s best friend at a distance or do I make her mine?

There’s blood coating the front of my shirt as the knife slips from my hand.
I stumble backwards as I take in the dying man in front of me.
What do you do when you go from lonely Asian-Hawaiian woman trapped in a small Texas town to a killer?
Who do you go to?
Who could possibly love you?
Not him. Not Hunter Shelby- loan shark, man whore, sex on legs, my best friend…
Because I’m a mess… and a killer.

I thought loving someone would be a dream. Easy, passionate, beautiful… my family sure makes it look that way.
So with my arm wrapped around this tiny, vulnerable woman I wonder why it’s not like that for me. It’s terrifying, controlling and delicate. It’s not her fault, it’s mine…
My life is in shambles. My father has been kidnapped. My mental health is slipping.
Her life is in shambles. Her safety has been threatened… by my father’s kidnapper.
Can I save everyone I love?
Can I stay true to myself?
Can I fall in love?
I want to say I can. But our enemies say otherwise. Especially my greatest enemy… myself.

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