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Month: September 2020

Red’s Guest Review

You Turned My World Around - Coming Out of the Dark: OneYou Turned My World Around – Coming Out of the Dark: One by Zane Michaelson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Hard hitting!!

I honestly don’t know what to say!
I’ve just finished reading and now that the heartbreaking sobbing has stopped, I just feel numb!
It was a heartbreaking read, with parts that made me so angry I nearly threw my laptop, but a topic that needs to be written and read about and most definitely a story that will stay with me forever!
I’m interested but also scared to see what book 2 entails.
Grab your big girl or boy panties, a box a tissues and just go for it.
More than highly recommended!


That one moment we all wish for; the first time you look into the eyes of the person you are destined to spend the rest of your life with.

You both sense it immediately.

But, only one of you will admit to how you feel.

Will fear of falling in love put the one you love in danger?

Warning – This book contains graphic depictions of sexual assault.

Preorder Courage by J.L. Drake

COMING OCT 15th From J.L. Drake

Blackstone is at it again. We’re chasing down the cartel, but this time, the tables have been flipped on us.

Members of Team North Rock are being plucked off one by one. The race to understand what is happening can be the difference between life and death.

My position at Blackstone requires a clear head, and yet the stress and guilt I carry are affecting my concentration. But after what happened to my sister and the situation I’ve put my family in, I don’t deserve any sort of peace.

My team doesn’t even know, and I choose to bear this burden alone. Despite my constant internal struggle, I can’t help but notice her – Sloane Harlow. Falling for the lawyer who’s supposed to help us figure things out was never something I planned or expected.

With danger at every turn, things seem to only get worse. Missions fail, lives are in danger, and somehow, the cartel always seems to know our next move. I can’t help but wonder…could there be a mole in the team?

Red’s Guest Review

The Status Debt: A suspense thriller packed with romance and crime (Hunted #1)The Status Debt: A suspense thriller packed with romance and crime by Edie Baylis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I need book 2……Now!!!!

I love Edie Baylis’ writing and this story hasn’t let me down.
The vindictive web of lies that are woven, the backstabbing, the outstanding loyalty of the characters with genuine hearts and of course, the mega hot chemistry are all just snippets of what makes this an amazing story that I just don’t want to come to an end. I suspected one of the heartbreaking twists but didn’t want it to be true, nor the way the story finishes! I can’t wait for book 2 as I’m not sure my heart can stand being broken for much longer! Highly recommended!

Lillian Morgan would do anything to regain the status she lost by marrying beneath her and to cover the sordid details of her husband’s death. This includes blackmail and the hand of marriage of her own daughter…

Tori’s father would have stopped his daughter’s misery. He’d have stopped it in a heartbeat, but he couldn’t because he was dead. He’d been dead for years.

Murdered, in fact.

Tori thought her life couldn’t get much worse, but when her fiancé attempts to further his high-profile career, she finds herself mixed up with Ash Hunter and his crew – the sort of people she has always despised and blames for her father’s death. She hates Ash Hunter and the feeling is mutual, but life moves in mysterious ways and things unexpectedly change.

Someone is not being honest and secrets have the power to rip everyone to shreds.

Especially when life is built on lies…

**Contains sexual scenes and some violence.**

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