Reds Review of Shattered Beliefs

New Release

Shattered Beliefs

by Maggie Jane Schuler and Mitchell Summers


Edward and Milo should not fit together in any way, but they say opposites attract and in this case it couldn’t be more true. It was fun reading the cultural differences between Milo and Edward. Milo from US, Edward from UK.

However the differences between these men aren’t just where they were born.
Milo’s life is not easy and having to deal with his family life plagues him and now Edward steps into the picture, messing with his mind even more. Edward’s life may appear to be easy, but nothing is ever perfect.

Maggie Jane Schuler and Mitchell Summers have teamed up and written a realistic story with a few twists and turns I wasn’t expecting.
I giggled and shed tears too.

The emotional struggles for both men are written into this story perfectly making them more than just a character in a book. They are humans with feelings and as such, I was able to feel too.

Some spicy sex between Edward and Milo and you have yourself a fantastic book with heat, a great storyline and a lot of heart.

I can’t wait for more from this co-write team.

Shattered Beliefs
By Maggie Jane Schuler and Mitchell Summers

Purchase: https://geni.us/s4b4red

Goodreads TBR: http://bit.ly/GRShatteredBeliefs

Milo Garcia dreamed of leaving his Texas town behind after years of torment from his washed-up football player father.
Only two obstacles blocked his freedom: the completion of his degree and convincing his mother to follow him. Until an unexpected new British student shatters his Middletown America beliefs.

Edward Baines-Tennant decided to study abroad after growing tired of his life in Cambridge. He arrived in the states to study both in the classroom and the bedroom. His world halts when he meets his match on the first day of classes. His head tells him to leave well enough alone, but his heart leads him elsewhere.

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