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Book Cover by Sloane_Howell
Kelsey is her own woman. Loves music, works at a small record store and has the ability to make a certain baseball player fall to his knees. Only she doesn’t know it.
Matt is the hot professional baseball stud who wants Kelsey and is ready for her. How can he convince her that this thing between them is real?
This series by Sloane Howell has become a favorite of mine. I played ball so having a baseball romance novel that’s baseball accurate is important to me. Add in the super hot sex and the romance between these characters and you have an awesome novel!

Book Cover Stalker
by Derek Masters
The love Nick shows Alexa is deep and real. It’s the Deep love we dream of from a man. I hated him though because I hate secrets. For that reason I read pissed off a bit. But I was entertained and loved the way Derek Masters writes this story. I still want to punch Nick in the face though. I wanted to know how this story would unfold so it kept me turning the pages.

Book Cover Cocky Chef by J.D. Hawkins
This book is a combo of 2 of my favorite things cooking and romance. Willow is the head strong newbie chef with the creativity and skills to make it big. Cole is the famous well known chef who can’t seem to protect himself from his desire for her.

The book is kept me craving more details, what’s going to happen next and how is it going to end. Extremely hard to put down.

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