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Month: July 2020

Red’s Reviews

Book Cover by Sloane_Howell
Kelsey is her own woman. Loves music, works at a small record store and has the ability to make a certain baseball player fall to his knees. Only she doesn’t know it.
Matt is the hot professional baseball stud who wants Kelsey and is ready for her. How can he convince her that this thing between them is real?
This series by Sloane Howell has become a favorite of mine. I played ball so having a baseball romance novel that’s baseball accurate is important to me. Add in the super hot sex and the romance between these characters and you have an awesome novel!

Book Cover Stalker
by Derek Masters
The love Nick shows Alexa is deep and real. It’s the Deep love we dream of from a man. I hated him though because I hate secrets. For that reason I read pissed off a bit. But I was entertained and loved the way Derek Masters writes this story. I still want to punch Nick in the face though. I wanted to know how this story would unfold so it kept me turning the pages.

Book Cover Cocky Chef by J.D. Hawkins
This book is a combo of 2 of my favorite things cooking and romance. Willow is the head strong newbie chef with the creativity and skills to make it big. Cole is the famous well known chef who can’t seem to protect himself from his desire for her.

The book is kept me craving more details, what’s going to happen next and how is it going to end. Extremely hard to put down.

Red’s Reviews

Midnight Fury (Midnight Pack, #4)Midnight Fury by L. Ann
Midnight Fury is just amazing! Immediately pulling me into the L Ann’s shifter world. Jaden’s emotions after being held captive and the horrific things done to him was heartbreaking but written so well I could feel the hurt, anger and confusion he struggles with.
This original storyline, characters with their unique personalities and the seamless continuation of this series is keeping me wanting more.
If you’ve read Book 1 Midnight Touch, you’ll have met Shaun and if you’re like me, you will be thrilled at how Shaun is portrayed in Midnight Fury.

Shadow Chaser (Undeadly Secrets #3)Shadow Chaser by Aaron L. Speer
I’ve finished Shadow chaser by Aaron L Speer. Lets just say I need more from the bad boy Lee Nightingale. Dante warms my heart but Lee heats me up.
This dark vampire story took my mind into places where evil lives but I never want to imagine as real.
Many question from this series are answered and more take its place calling me to begin reading Pack Master (Undeadly Secrets Book 4)

Red Recommended series

Bad DadBad Dad by Sloane Howell
I finished reading Bad Dad by Sloane Howell last night. Took me 2 days because I didn’t want to put it down. Oh my. This book took me on a wild ride. Ups and downs, twists and turns, tears and smiles. A love story but so much more. The love the originality of the story. I couldn’t predict the next scene.

The relationship between Landon and his son Logan was written so well. I think the father/son dynamic was my favorite. And as a bonus Landon Lane is a super sexy god of a man.

As I see it the title of Bad Dad has very deep meaning and can be interpreted in many ways within this story. I wont say much because I don’t believe in spoilers, You will have to read it and make your own determination.

Dex (HC Heroes #3)Dex by Donna Michaels
Another amazing hero/heroine to love. The chemistry, push/pull between Dex and Rylee keeps me reading with a need to know how they will finally figure out they are exactly what the other needs. Donna Michaels writes my favorite HEA’s.
I love the way Ms. Michaels laces the heat with humour. Lex the cockatoo is hilarious with his inappropriate words and comments. He’s an original character who connects each of the books in the HC Heros series with laughter.

Red’s Reviews

Breaking up Is Hard to Do (The Midnight #10)Breaking up Is Hard to Do by Zane Michaelson
I never expected the direction Zane and Jenna Michaelson took with Breaking up is hard to do. I’ve become accustomed to the twists in their books, but this one has left me in shock with it’s turn of events. It’s nothing like you can imagine.

With my heart in my throat, I am begging for more from the authors. I’m not ready to let go of Aimee and Tessa. Their story must go on and on. I could read about them until they grow only and gray and still love every minute of their friendship. Can you just imagine Aimee in her 80’s???

Day of the Dead (Mystic Hallows Harem #5)Day of the Dead by Nikki Landis
Nikki Landis continues to pull me into the PNR world with this series. I love the world she has created with witches, vampires, ghouls and more. Book 5 kept me on my toes and introduced new obstacles for Cassandra and her Cosan, the men who love and protect her with their lives. All I can say is I need more from this series and I’m glad the author plans on this being a 13 book series.

Number One FanNumber One Fan by Mitchell Summers
I love this taste of Mitchell Summers writing and the story is fantastic.
It left me wondering who Mitchell Summers #1 fan could really be. Fun and exciting way to learn about a new author, and the fact that it’s a freebie, makes it that much better.

Creation (Written in the Stars: Novella Three)Creation by Maggie Jane Schuler
Auden and Mia’s journey to finding love is sweet and complicated. Each being a little broken makes them real and exactly the type of story I love. This series of novella’s by Maggie Jane Schuler and Morgan Heyward is keeping me on my toes and stealing my heart.

Each couple they have introduced pops up in the next book, giving the readers mini updates on how those couples are doing.

Auden has a special place in my heart and I can’t wait to read more about him and Mia in the next book.

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