A New Sweet Romance Series from Zane & Jenna Michaelson

The cheers of the countdown— Ten, nine, eight, seven, six— echo in her ears from inside the party.

A new series of short stories by Zane Michaelson & Jenna Michaelson

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New Year’s Eve, the time when people wash away one year and welcome the next.
Tessa Richards is no different.
As the eighteen-year-old fancies herself for a night out with her best friend, Aimee Butler, excitement ripples through her nerves with the idea of spending the occasion at a night club dancing in the New Year.
Much to Tessa’s surprise, Aimee hasn’t been entirely honest. Her best friend sets them up at a party hosted by the object of Tessa’s affection; the gorgeous and enigmatic Ethan Alderidge.
Talking for the first time, an instant connection zaps between the two.
Tessa’s inexperience and untimely humour lead her away from the experienced cool and collective dream man.
As she plays the wallflower and stands alone in the garden contemplating her thoughts, the stroke of midnight ticks closer.
The cheers of the countdown— Ten, nine, eight, seven, six— echo in her ears from inside the party.
Her eyes meet Ethan in the threshold with midnight only seconds away.
Tessa’s mind races unsure if she will get that first kiss from the man of her dreams.

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by Michael James

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You ever get that feeling like you could kill someone? Yeah, I got that feeling once, too. The only difference is, I acted on it. I felt no remorse afterward. Instead, there was this gratification that the world is down in population by one douche bag. That was the being of no return for me. The fate of all scumbags is in my hands. I decided who would meet the bullet that ended them. So far, my count is low, only 199 bullets used.

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“Wow!!!! I’m trying to find the words to describe how this book affected me. It completely blew my mind.”

“This book was a departure from my normal read. I was so drawn up into the heart pounding suspense that I was up until 4 a.m.”

“I could feel the sorrow the heroine felt deep in my heart.”

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Red Recommended
New Series, Book 1 available now

Written in the Stars: Novella One
By Maggie Jane Schuler and Morgan Heyward

Barlett Legend abandoned her dream of finding a soulmate with the curse which befell her after college. She’s come to terms with the crushing blow and moved on to her career which appears on the up and up. That is, until she runs into her first crush. Handsome and unforgettable, Jordan Realta stepped directly into her path and stopped her cold. He’s everything she’s wanted, but fear of the past holds her captive. Jordan must find the key and solve the mystery before she fades away into the curse of the Capricorn

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Kayden likes hot sex with rich the men.

The kinkier, the better.

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Charity Anthology Supporting the Country Fire Association

All proceeds of this anthology will be donated to the CFA (Country Fire Association). As fire wages war with Australia, we would like to do our part in helping. Fall in love with the firemen in each story, while giving back a small part by purchasing a copy today!

Men of Valor
Cover by Raven Designs
Coming 02.07.20

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In the depth of the bright orange glow, come the Men of Valor.

These are the heroes who risk their lives to save ours.

They’re the men who walk into the inferno.

Who step between the heat of danger, and give themselves in order to save lives.

They’re fearless, they’re heroic, and it’s time to honor them.