Jessica Klide: Losing Her

⚔️⚔️LOSING HER⚔️⚔️

Siri’s Heart Saga

By Jessika Klide

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Excited to be home and missing Cat something terrible, I hurry out of the car, round the trunk, and start walking at my usual fast pace in a rush to the elevator. Then I realize there is someone walking behind me.

Heavy boots produce a muffled sound with each step. The hair on the back of my neck rises and I quicken my steps. I’m almost to the elevator when I hear a catcall. He is right behind me. A heavy hand grabs my arm with steely force. I try to snatch away, but the grip only tightens.

I spit. “Get your hand off me!” My hair fans out as I try to shake him off.

A deep, low, menacing chuckle is the only response I get. Then I see the knife.


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