Taboo, Male/Male, Erotica

Broke, hungry and alone, Tyson succumbs to a last resort, contacting Kieran Wayland, his depraved ex.

Pimped Out: Selling my Soul - Part One (New Version)Pimped Out: Selling my Soul – Part One by Zane Michaelson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW! Ever read a book you needed time process and really absorb the details you just read.
I think my heart has finally started working again.
Dark, emotional, and painful. I think painful is a good description because my heart ached and still does to think of the things Tyson goes through in this story.
There are a few little glimmers I hung onto while reading to keep myself in check from all of that hurt. It’s Zane Michaelson writing without a doubt but this side of his words are just, WOW!
I was reading along when, thunk, my stomach fell out.
Waiting patiently now for part two as I need to hear more about this heartbreaking erotic series.

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