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Month: June 2019

Reds Review: Unbroken by Aaron Speer

Unbroken (Undisputed, #2)Unbroken by Aaron L. Speer

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the first chapter to the end, my emotions were pulled, twisted, stomped on and sometimes caressed. This is a sports rom with a strong willed, stubborn female athlete trying to make it in the male dominated MMA arena.

The backstory of Ava’s life is tough to read but is real and placed perfectly in the story. Victims are only victims if they don’t fight back and move on with their lives. That doesn’t mean there aren’t scars.

The intensity and hurt was felt deep in my heart. Aaron Speer words allowed me as a reader to put myself in each scene with the characters and feel what was described. I was there with each punch and battle. I felt
the secrets of young love, the hurt of the unaccepted love, the pain from those who cast a person aside because of who they are. I felt it all.

While reading, I fell into the role as Ava’s friend and teammate, while she searched for success in the ring and in life. My connection to Ava was stronger than I expected. As a female athlete since my youth, I appreciate her spirit and competitive drive.

The fight scenes are genius. The POV is from the sportscasters commentary. I could picture the fights. Using the commentary and radio spots to promote the fight was original and entertaining.
Some twists and gasping moments throughout the story will keep you on your toes. Such a great book.

Red highly recommends this as a great story.

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Taboo, Male/Male, Erotica

Pimped Out: Selling my Soul - Part One (New Version)Pimped Out: Selling my Soul – Part One by Zane Michaelson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW! Ever read a book you needed time process and really absorb the details you just read.
I think my heart has finally started working again.
Dark, emotional, and painful. I think painful is a good description because my heart ached and still does to think of the things Tyson goes through in this story.
There are a few little glimmers I hung onto while reading to keep myself in check from all of that hurt. It’s Zane Michaelson writing without a doubt but this side of his words are just, WOW!
I was reading along when, thunk, my stomach fell out.
Waiting patiently now for part two as I need to hear more about this heartbreaking erotic series.

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