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Have you seen this?? A little switcharoon and Jaxson Kidman has a new pen name. No doubt this will be another great book Go get it now.

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Darlin’ … Happy V-Day from me to you … . I cannot wait to read your reviews. Now let’s make this book race up the charts faster than Tyler’s hand racing up the back of Harper’s leg…


My boyfriend dumped me on February 13th. How lucky, right?

No worries, I have my revenge planned. He’s with another woman and my plans are going to be ‘shattering.’

That is, until a cop stops me. And not only does he stop me from what is probably a felony, he makes my heart skip a beat and makes me forget how to breathe.

Before I know it I’m spilling everything to him. He keeps me out of jail… but not out of trouble. He has a wicked idea to get back at my newly dubbed ex…

Get married.

That’s right. Steal my ex’s thunder by getting married.

To me, there are worse things than having a one night thing and saying “I do” to a good looking cop with a killer smile.

Once the ring is on my finger and that first night of wedded bliss comes to an end, my new husband has to go work… and I’m left to ask: now what?



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