Kitti Kat’s Review

This is a novella you can finish in one sitting, and you’ll WANT to!

Book Cover Indecency by Penelope Marshall

Kitti Kat’s Review

Ms. Marshall hit it outta the park!

Indecency hooked me within the 1st few pages! This is a novella you can finish in one sitting, and you’ll WANT to! It hooks you like THAT! Penelope Marshall’s Indecency gives you tastes of hostage scenario with master/sub roles, fear, danger, excitement, betrayal, non stop action, sex, and revenge in a story that flows easily, draws you in and takes you on a ride! I can see a prequel and even a spin-off should Ms. Marshall decide to go there, if she hasn’t already! (or, I could just be hoping) Penelope Marshall is a new author to me, but with the ride Indecency just took me on, I will definitely be a follower! Check Indecency out!


What happens when two alphas want the same woman?

Death…that’s what happens.

Hunter is an ex-Navy SEAL working for Citadel, a private security company. A chance meeting with Celeste, after a car accident, leaves him drawn to the wounded girl, who is still covered with fresh bruises from being held captive by Rez, an iron-fisted mafia boss.

Hunter promises her safety, but an old friend has the capability of ruining everything with one phone call.

Guaranteed HEA!!!


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