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Day: December 11, 2018

New Release

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The Playbook (The Diamond Series #2)

by Maggie Jane Schuler

cover by Mr. Designs



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Up to Bat (Diamond Series #1)



Things aren’t always what they seem…

Some claim college is four years of trivial experiences, and a means to an end. I believed it when I structured my days in an endless set of routines. Then, I befriended Adriana. She brought with her baggage which would change my perception forever.

I also met Blake Angel.

What started out with some innocent flirting, wedged me, Sam Sawyer, under his wing for protection. Criminals stalk our every move, like a long game of cat and mouse. His playbook—well, ours—starts to unravel in front of us. He rules the world as coach, mentor, protector, and possibly my future. Over the course of time, my protector turns into my lover. Blake vows to save me and turn the world upside down to get what he wants. But this mess owns us, and somehow, we need to solve this puzzle of betrayal smothering us.

If not, we may lose this game and our happily ever after.

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Reds Review: Undisputed by Aaron L Speer

Undisputed (The Undisputed Series, Book 1)

by Aaron L Speer



Undisputed (The Undisputed Series, #1)Undisputed by Aaron L. Speer

Reds Review: Amazing.
Really. Amazing was the first word that came to mind when I finished reading this story. I was amazed because I was not expecting the story between Tegan and Gaz to travel down the road it did. Even when the author revealed the plot (more…)

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