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Day: December 4, 2018

Free Prequel From Chris Genovese

I’ve got some super exciting news I’ve been chomping at the bit to share with you. Now, I finally can. I’ve told you in the past about my plans to write grittier and edgier stuff. Well, I’m doing it now.

Under a slightly altered pen name, CM Genovese, I’ll be writing MC (motorcycle club), Mafia, and other badass tales. Here’s the explanation straight from my new Amazon page:

“Love is not always patient. Love is not always kind. It cuts deep, and it scars. It sometimes hardens a fragile heart. CM Genovese spins sexy tales that pair bad boy alpha males with tough, wild, and feisty women. Both with quick tongues and fiery tempers. Neither with a hint of inhibition. Real romance doesn’t take place on rose petals. It happens on the hood of a car. This is romance in the raw.”

Isn’t that cool?!

Want to know what else is cool? I’m going to give you a FREE prequel to the series. Right now! All you have to do is click this link to get Anger’s Fade, a free prequel in the Razorblade Tumbleweeds MC series. This thing won’t even be for sale. Get it here now: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/mf4dj4kf7i

And go grab a pre-order copy of Calm’s Storm: Razorblade Tumbleweeds MC Book One on Amazon right now here:


Texas Wildfire by Sable Hunter

Texas Wildfire (Texas Heroes Book 1) Sable Hunter

‘I Am My Brother’s Keeper’ are the words engraved on the plaque awarded to volunteer firefighter/rancher Titan Sloan. Daily he risks his life to save and protect friends and neighbors. When he finds out the person he loves the most is the one he’s failed to protect, Titan is fit to be tied. Titan Sloan is a hero, but he’s no angel. For years he’s secretly been in love with his Captain’s wife. When he finds out their marriage is a sham and Makenna is being abused, all hell breaks loose. A Texas Wildfire is the backdrop for a story so hot and a love so intense, no one will come through it unscathed.

Amazon https://amzn.to/2PfR5YN

Also available on Kindle unlimited

It wasn’t the way he looked at her, even though his intense gaze made her wet. It wasn’t the nice things he did for her, although his thoughtfulness made her feel important. (more…)

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