Looking for a book to read this Halloween?

Looking for a creepy and dark book to read this Halloween? Check out these books by Author Marcus Brown

Although The Redheads Book Blog has a strong romance book presence, we do recommend some fantastic non-romance books as well.
Check out these Redhead Readers Recommended books by Author Marcus Brown
Buy Link – http://getbook.at/MBPrmLandLn
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Buy Link – http://getbook.at/MBPrmLandLn
In 1901, Maisie Whitmore vanished without a trace. Her neighbour David Price was blamed for her disappearance and dealt with swiftly by the village elders.A hundred years later, number six Promised Land Lane is steeped in mystery. Urban legend says the ghost of Maisie Whitmore stalks the grounds, taking revenge on anybody who crosses her path.
Sandra Miller is a prominent reporter assigned to investigate the murder of a twelve-year old boy. She has her own history with the house – her sister vanished from there twenty years earlier.
Caught up in the mystery of the lane, she meets David, but something about him seems familiar.
Who is he?
What does he know about the murders?
And is Maisie Whitmore more than just an urban legend

Buy Link – http://getbook.at/ArmyAngl
Six months ago, Sandra Miller vanished without trace.
The police searched her last known whereabouts, to no avail. Believing she suffered a nervous breakdown and ran away, her case is now yesterday’s news.
Always skeptical about stories surrounding the house on the lane, Hilary Baines’ life is falling apart, her obsession with Sandra’s disappearance putting trememdous strain on her marriage to Tim.
Frantically searching for her best friend, she is certain there is a more sinister reason for her disappearance.
Jason Lee is still reeling from the brutal murder of his brother, Ashley. Trying to hold together what is left of his family, a chain of traumatic events pulls him back into the mystery of Promised Land Lane.
Drawn together, Hilary and Jason set out to discover the truth.
Meanwhile, the house is now owned by the beautiful and enigmatic, Juliet Oswell. She hides her own deadly secrets and will stop at nothing to end the torture of her beloved sister, Samantha Whitmore, in the fires of hell.
But, somebody is watching her every move from afar.
Initially forbidden from interfering, David Price returns; Sandra needs him more than ever.
Will he succeed in rescuing the woman he loves, and is he strong enough to fight Juliet?
The battle between good and evil is about to begin.
This is the terrifying sequel to Promised Land Lane

Buy Link – http://getbook.at/CrockwrthySis123
The first three books in thrilling Crockworthy Sisters series.
The Dark Magic Murders:
In 1692, the Crockworthy Sisters were forced to flee through time to escape persecution during The Salem Witch Trials.
For over three hundred years, they have lived in peace, but an enemy from their past has others plans for them.
Following a string of gruesome murders, the sisters find they are being ushered toward a long overdue battle.
Who is The Dark Magic Murderer, and what is the connection to the Crockworthy Sisters?
The Secrets of Moonlight Manor:
With Miriam Donaldson lying dead in the morgue and both Tamara and Talia missing, there is only one person Tabitha Crockworthy can turn to if she hopes to see her sisters again. 
With no other alternative, Tabitha must swallow her pride and team up with the one person she knows can help find them. But what will that person want in return?
Backed into a corner, Tabitha is forced to work alongside a potentially deadly foe, in a race against time, to reunite the Crockworthy sisters. 
How did The Dark Magic Murderer infiltrate Moonlight Manor? Will his identity be revealed? And are her sisters still alive?
Who will fall, and who will be victorious when the secrets of Moonlight Manor are finally revealed?
The Unholy Trinity:
The dark magic murderer was believed to be dead, but it’s not long before mutilated bodies once again start piling up. 
With the killers body missing, and dealing with the loss of one of their own, can Jack Davies lead the hunt and stop him for good? 
Meanwhile, without their gift of immortality, the Crockworthy sisters must do everything within their power to stop Abigail, Numen, and Jeremiah – the unholy trinity, before it’s too late. 
Out of time and wanting to return to 1692, Abigail has one final surprise that will change all of their lives forever.

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