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Free for a limited time: A Stand Alone, Enemies to lovers Novella for the foodie in us all.


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Marci Belle

โ€œLove Your Enemies, For They Tell You Your Faults.โ€ – Benjamin Franklin


He’s the London restaurateur and lady-killer who almost had his dreams shattered by the merciless American food critic, Evie Cooper. After publishing her damning review his restaurant is crumbling to dust.

The relaunch is Calvinโ€™s last opportunity to salvage his aspirations of owning a Mexican restaurant in Londonโ€™s most exclusive neighborhood. Heโ€™ll do anything to keep Evie away from The Aztec of Mayfair. The problem is, he has no clue what she looks like.


When Evie meets the sexiest man sheโ€™s ever laid eyes on during a crammed flight to London, sheโ€™s unaware of what sheโ€™s getting herself into. At the point of introduction, sheโ€™s faced with the horrible reality that sheโ€™s stuck in mid-air with the man who has claimed her as his mortal enemy. She must hide her identity at all costs.

Just when she thinks sheโ€™s had a lucky break, he reappears, and this time, heโ€™s shamelessly flirting with her.

A Stand Alone, Enemies to lovers Novella for the foodie in us all.

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Author: The Redhead

Just a mom who loves to take road trips, read and share my thoughts.

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