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Day: August 11, 2018

The Monster Within: Episode 1 (Forever Among the Shadows) by London Michelle

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Domestic abuse has led Brooke Sanders down an unpromising road of recovery. Out of options, she sets out on a journey to help other women in similar situations in a radical attempt to rebuild the broken woman she has become.

Luca Bianchi is the owner of a prominent personal protection company, specializing in servicing women in abuse situations around the globe. Highly recommended by her therapist, Dr. Willow, Brooke employs him to guide her on her quest for self-preservation.

Shielding Brooke from his cataclysmic secret, the two team up in what is sure to be a disastrous course. Can Brooke accept every part of the man she’s beginning to fall for, or will she self-destruct in the process?


Surreptitious by Michelle Brown -PreOrder

Michelle Brown’s novella is up for pre-order.


Surreptitious: adjective

kept secret, especially because it would not be approved of

My name is Roman.

I’m forty-five and he’s only twenty-seven.

It has been years since I last had someone in my bed longer than a few hours.

Now, I have him sleeping next to me.

He should have never stayed.

He doesn’t play by the rules.

Rules that are there for a reason.

What are we going to do now?

*this is a La Asesina Bonita duet novella*

Warning: this book may contain triggers and is intended for a mature audience 18+


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