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This weeks Authors

E.M. Shue, Bree Madelyne Lewandowski, 
Isobelle Cate, Maddie Wade, 
Dawn Doyle, Kristine Raymond, Janice Godin

Secret's Kiss: Securities International Book 4 by E.M. Shue et al.
Secret’s Kiss: Securities International Book 4   by E.M. Shue
Link: https://amzn.to/2tIQ7wk

She was the secret some would die to protect, and others would kill to possess. Since Daniella was twelve years old, she knew a dangerous man was after her, but that never stopped her from becoming one of MI6’s deep undercover agents. Now she’s searching for her friend’s sister, who’s been sold into a sex slave ring, and she’ll go undercover deeper than she’s ever gone before to rescue her. But instead of her friend, she finds the one man who sets her blood on fire. Unfortunately, he has ties to one of the most dangerous cartels known. The next thing she knows a deal is being made and her world changes in an instant.

Raul has tried to outrun his birthright most of his life, but he’s locked and loaded with his enemy to protect the only woman he’s ever loved. He’ll make a deal with the devil himself to protect her. Even though his enemies are just as dangerous as hers, he’ll sacrifice everything for their love.

When bullets fly and knives collide the secrets will be revealed, or they’ll both die to protect the future.
In the fourth installment of Securities International, the secrets of Cara’s past are revealed. The Protector comes out of hiding and Sir could be next. We learn about Raul’s mysterious past, and one member of the team might not come home.
Guns, knives, and fast cars race through this hot and steamy happily for now.

City of Kings by Bree M. Lewandowski
City of Kings
by Bree M. Lewandowski
Link: https://amzn.to/2NgBloU

Lovers once. Enemies now.

How hot does hurt and hatred burn before the flames consume everything?

She was the ruin of his heart, the reason he swore he’d never come back to Illinois. Yet when a commanding officer sends Judah Grane on obligatory guard-detail to Chicago for the Quarterly Council of Kings, nightmares from that past come back to haunt him.

And God has a funny sense of humor…

Maive Greene has worked hard for the life she has. There’s been no one along the way to help. Now, engaged to Chicago’s City King, she can finally see her future and everything she hopes to accomplish.

Until the man she once loved appears.

Betrayed by each other years ago, yet suddenly thrown together in a strange twist of fate, neither can see how this will end…

Scandal threatens and hearts never healed might break anew! Get lost in this wildfire dystopian second chances romance!

Slow Dancing (The Second Chances Series Book 4) by Isobelle Cate et al.
Slow Dancing (The Second Chances Series Book 4)
by Isobelle Cate
Link: https://amzn.to/2tWTXBh

Fifteen years ago, Drake Rosen was forced to leave the girl he loved, only to find her gone when he returned. He never forgot her, the only girl his heart belonged to, until he sees her during Oliver and Felicity’s wedding. She has now become a beautiful woman who gives meaning to every beat of his heart. The woman who can bring him to his knees.

Bethany Brooke was never one to fit in. Scrawny, shy, and partially hearing impaired she was the butt of cruel taunts in school. Drake was the boy who protected her, shielded her and gave her the time of day. Her knight in a faded uniform, he was the one who drew the curtains back to let light colour her world and sound even more beautiful. He was the one she fell in love with. But when Drake is forced to leave, Bethany is left to fend for herself until she, too, is forced to leave her home. Fifteen years later, while walking the trails of Sandbanks, she sees the boy who owned her heart from the very start. He is now a man that gives sound to her racing pulse, someone she now craves.

Giving in to the attraction they have had for a long time, they take the chance of kindling the love denied them all those years ago. But someone is working in the background to pull them apart. If Drake finds out the secrets Bethany is keeping, not only will it destroy their fragile love. Bethany knows that it is the ultimate betrayal that will break Drake’s heart.

They say it takes two to tango. For Drake and Bethany, it will have to be the slow dance of their lives.

Arctic Fire: A Fortis Security Novel Book 6 by Maddie Wade
Arctic Fire: A Fortis Security Novel Book 6
by Maddie Wade
Link: https://amzn.to/2tMEd4u

A woman who stands alone!

As the leader of Zenobi, a deadly group of female assassins, Roz Maklavoi is feared and revered in equal measure. Hiding behind her impenetrable wall of ice is a young girl who was tortured and beaten, sold to evil by the one man she should have been able to trust.
Now the man responsible for her torture has struck again, targeting her loved ones. Knowing she can’t allow anyone else she loves to become a victim of her ‘husband’, Roz embarks on a solo mission which will probably end her life. But dying doesn’t frighten her, living does.

A lone wolf who embraces the darkness within.
Fifteen years ago, as a young soldier, MI6 officer Kanan ‘K’ Phillips fell in love with a broken young woman. Watching from afar as she fought to become the strong, fearless leader of Zenobi, knowing that she would never remember him, even though he’d never forgotten her.
A chance meeting on a beach allowed them to spend two blissful months together as strangers until one night she disappeared.
Now they have been thrown together again, and Kanan vows to protect his Kitten with his life. He must thaw the ice around her heart, without getting his own broken again.
Will he make her see or will he die trying?

*Please note this book does contain scenes of sex and violence. If you are concerned that it may prompt upset them please do not read.

Lucian (West Norton Boys Series Book 1) by Dawn Doyle
Lucian (West Norton Boys Series Book 1)
by Dawn Doyle
Link: https://amzn.to/2tRrgGX


My life was F***ED up, but I had everything I needed to survive.
Then, I met her.
I saved her LIFE, then put all of us at RISK because I couldn’t stay away.
Falling for Luca was the WORST thing I could’ve done.
Breaking her was HELL.


He pulled me from the water and left with my HEART.
Who Lucian really was, I was NEVER to know.
He had his SECRETS, and I was okay with that as long as I had him.
Then, he broke me.
I tried to put my SHATTERED heart back together, but he’d taken part of it with him.
I had to get it back. But, to do that, I had to save HIM.

Seasons of Love - A collection of seasonally-themed short stories by Kristine Raymond
Seasons of Love – A collection of seasonally-themed short stories
by Kristine Raymond
Link: https://amzn.to/2NaUQiB

Four couples. Four seasons. A lifetime of love.

Dogwoods in Springtime

Still in mourning three years after her husband’s death, Caroline Ballard’s solitary life in rural Kentucky is disrupted by a broken water line, of all things. As if the lack of running water wasn’t bad enough, her immediate attraction to plumbing contractor Rick Spencer unearths emotions long thought buried. Opening her heart to love for a second time, a malicious lie told by his ex-wife threatens to end the budding relationship before it begins.

Seashells in Summer

Having adopted her four-year-old daughter, Lily, at birth, Taylor Brightman is suspicious when former Marine Sergeant Grant Cutler appears on her Nantucket Island doorstep claiming to be the girl’s biological father. Wary of his motives, his good looks and charming personality win her over, but can she trust that she won’t lose custody along with her heart?

Aspens in Autumn

Ramsey Fiorentino is having a bad day. On the run for her life after witnessing a murder, she’s being pursued by none other than Bishop Hamilton, a private investigator hired by the person who committed the crime. When he catches up to her and the truth comes out, they flee to the mountains of Flagstaff, Arizona to hide, but it’s only a matter of time before their newfound romance is tested in the wake of a deadly confrontation.

Snowflakes in Winter

When New Hampshire State Trooper Alex Ballard becomes stranded during a blizzard in the middle of the night, he seeks refuge at a local bed and breakfast, surprised to discover the owner, Chloe Mancuso, is the sole occupant. A passionate night spent in each other’s arms ignites feelings neither thought possible, but there’s someone else with his eye on Chloe and he’s not willing to share.

Then She Danced (Islander Romance Book 1) by Janice Godin
Then She Danced (Islander Romance Book 1) by Janice Godin
Link: https://amzn.to/2Nel9o9

Everyone in Kathleen’s life thinks she’s crazy when she decides to spend her well-earned summer working in a tiny, dusty attic sorting through old church papers, but the peace and quiet of working alone is exactly what she wants.

She’s back home again and happy, or as happy as anyone who’s left behind a troubled past can be. She has amazing coworkers, a wonderful best friend, a supportive family, and not one single person in her life who knows what she’s been through. So, when Kathleen stumbles across an old French diary written by a battered wife, she connects with the story and Emilie.

Kathleen’s life changes when she meets Grant, a gorgeous local man with a past of his own. Their connection is undeniable, even for her, and proves that second chances are possible, if she can just leave her past behind.



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