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Day: July 3, 2018

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PHYSICAL CONNECTION is a swoony and sexy MM novella 🔥One hot doctor, a flirty male nurse, and a connection that can’t be denied.🔥

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★ Amazon US: https://amzn.to/2lR8pHs

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To the outside world, Dr. Mark Olsen looks like he has a perfect life. Yet Mark hasn’t found the “one” and longs to belong to that special someone.

Elijah Morrell is an out-and-proud, natural born flirt that can’t help lusting after his Dr. McHottie Pants, even though chasing after impossibly straight or closeted gay men isn’t his scene.

But some connections are too strong to deny. When Mark agrees to a weekend with Eli to explore the nature of their attraction, neither men are prepared for it to challenge their perspectives or to influence their future.

What You Don’t Know by Jaxon Kidman

What You Don’t Know By Jaxon Kidman

Release Date 7/12



What you don’t know is that you were my first kiss
What you don’t know is that you were my first heartache
What you don’t know is that I understand why you left
What you don’t know is that I was there the night your sister died
What you don’t know… is that I’m still in love with you…

… and my way of saying 🙏THANK YOU🙏 to you darlin’ for all the support this year so far… I’m doing something crazy. You’ll get to know Travis over the next few weeks, but he has a book of lyrics that only one person has ever seen. Until now. I’m releasing his book of lyrics FOR FREE. Just please be on my readers list or else you’ll miss out…

Release date: 7.12.18

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NOW… meet Willow.

She’s supposed to be a nurse, but works part-time at a diner. For good reason too. Her life revolves around making sure her nephew – Max – is okay. And by ‘okay’ that means fed, clothed, bathed… because her sister Wren is forever looking for a job, finding a job, not showing up to that job. And her mother (more…)

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