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Day: June 25, 2018

Author Spotlight Laura Rossi

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” I know why you are here” he said, his voice steady, in control as always.

Isabella looked back at him, her head tilted to the side, daring him to go on “You want to know what’s going to happen next”

“And what is going to happen next, Christopher?” she looked straight at him, right into his deep green eyes.

They were so close.

Again, she thought, I am letting him get close again.

Determined to put everything behind her, Isabella tries to regain control and some of her ‘long gone’ good sense.

How could she have fallen for it? The relationship was doomed from the beginning, a regular girl like her dating a famous, race driver- not to mention ladies’ man- like Christopher.

While a part of her misses him, Isabella knows she must stay away.

But can Christopher stay away from her?

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Author Spotlight Laura Rossi


Release date 26th of July


I gasped for air and counted my last breaths.

One, pain shot up my stomach.

Two, my throat burned.

I kept looking at the sky, as I lost any will to move.

Before my eyes closed, my last thoughts were for Andrea.

They thought prison would change me, that isolation would make me weak, maybe break me. But I wasn’t alone, I always had the darkness with me. (more…)

Author Spotlight Laura Rossi


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My name is Laura and I am dreamer, the kind that walks around all day and likes to go back and forth, from the real world to her own little world. I have two kids and a fantastic partner. We work together in our little shop in Italy, near the beach. When I am not busy working or being a mommy, I like to fantasize about new characters and new stories I’d like to write


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