Reds Review of Girl Talk by Cassidy Storm

“I’m straight.”

“So is spaghetti… until it gets wet.”

Girl TalkGirl Talk by Cassidy Storm
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My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Girl Talk caught my attention with the awesome cover and blurb I read. This is my first f/f read.
From the first page I was hooked. The unknown female caller added the little something to the story. The endless string of male dates is making Autumn think she will never find someone.
The unknown caller has become her friend in more ways than she wants to admit.
Since this was my first dive into a f/f the slow way it builds was a great way to start.
It just goes to show you, love is love regardless of gender and if you find that person who makes you happy you need to let nature take its course.
Girl Talk
by Cassidy Storm et al.
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“I’m straight.”
“So is spaghetti… until it gets wet.”

Autumn is stuck in a rut. She’s been on many first dates but is beginning to wonder if she’ll ever experience happiness — or a second date, for that matter.

When she gets a new phone, she receives a call from an “Unknown Number.” The person’s first words are, “So. You were just about to tell me how wet you are.” Autumn is stunned — because the caller happens to be a woman.

Over the next few months, the mysterious calls continue, and the “girl talk” gets more and more personal.

But Autumn is straight . . . isn’t she?

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