Reds Review of The General’s Little Angel by Breanna Hayes

The General's Little Angel (Breaking Chains #2)The General’s Little Angel by C.B. Hunt

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Real and heart wrenching, but unexpectedly soothing too

This book was recommended to me after reading a few of Breanne Hayes other books. I understand why it was recommended now. This is Breannas beginning of her * Age Play world. I think that is the correct terms to use. There is something to be said about finding someone who gives you guidance and love unconditionally. This isn’t about sex. It’s about accepting what you need and trusting another person to help. I get it now. Thank you for sharing such personal details to help others. No one should ever judge another person. You don’t know their story. Everyone is just trying to get by. I’m glad Breanne was able to find a way to happiness.
The General’s Little Angel (Breaking Chains© Book 2)
by Breanna Hayse
Link: https://amzn.to/2JMDQx6

Blurb and *Age Play information

What does age-play really look like and can an independent and intelligent woman really find healing as a submissive in a BDSM relationship?

I was privileged to travel and explore many parts of the world. I admit that I was somewhat of a brat, and also out of control. My general took it upon himself to be a Daddy to me and my first Dominant as well. He made me face my fears, try exotic foreign foods, and even challenged me to go outside my comfort zone and learn to play–while he played along with me. Despite the trouble I got into (and there was plenty) and the consequences that came of it, I never felt abandoned, unloved or afraid.

This is about my first Dom and my introduction into the age-play dynamic. Many things happened after being taken under my general’s protective (and incredibly patient) wing. He gave me a sense of significance and worth through love, firm guidance and boundaries. He made me laugh, helped me to cry, and showed me the power and healing contained within the age-play lifestyle. He made it safe for my inner child to express herself and taught me that it was good to enjoy life.

But no one really knows what happens behind closed doors or the things that happen to shatter your dreams and violate your joy. This was one of the most difficult books that I have written. It not only brought up many memories, both good and bad, but it also forced me to reveal parts of my past that some might find disturbing. Because of those issues, I felt this story would be a valuable asset to the Breaking Chains© series.

I pray that all of you are blessed with at least one person who has positively impacted your life and that you grab every opportunity and positively touch others. Always remember–your words and actions have the power to either heal or kill. Which direction do you choose?
Luvs, (Listen, Understand, Validate with Sincerity)

All proceeds from sales will be donated to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. With your help, we can bring awareness and healing.


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